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Are you looking for improved health and vitality? Are you continually struggling to meet your weight goals? What you put in your body accounts for 60-70% of your weight loss success and even more importantly, how you feel and function on a daily basis.  At Fitness Freaks, we do not believe in extreme dieting, fad diets or supplements. If you are looking for common sense nutritional coaching to meet and achieve your peak vitality and weight, then contact us today!

Nutrition Coaching Package: 3, 6 or 12 months

Includes Initial Nutrition Assessment and Program, as well as monthly 45-minute consultations to discuss your changing nutritional needs.  You can expect:

  • Initial Consultation with Nutritional Assessment
    Your complete Nutritional Assessment and Support Program to get you feeling your best and achieving your health goals. This two-part consultation begins with a detailed health history, review of your current dietary habits, and a symptoms questionnaire. The result is a detailed personalized reference package, including dietary recommendations, caloric requirement for optimal performance and access to meal plans.  Where required, you will be referred to a dietician for more detailed coaching.
  • Support and Motivation
    Your coach will  support and motivate you through regular follow-up consultations. As you reach your goals your nutrition plan must be adjusted and modified to keep you on track and feeling your best.
  • Food Log Review
    Stay on track with continual review and feedback of your diet logs. Submit electronically each week or each month to learn which foods you should eat more, cut back on or eliminate for optimal health and performance.

The Total Nutrition Coaching Package - Options

3 months – (Initial assessment and 3 additional follow ups via phone or in person meetings)  $150
6 months – (Initial Assessment and 6 additional follow ups via phone or in person meetings)  $280
12 months – (Initial Assessment and 12 additional follow ups via phone or in person meetings)  $520

Grocery Shopping Tours

Bring Tracy along for your next grocery shop and learn how to select foods to improve your health. Discover what ingredients to avoid and which ones to select. Learn how to read labels, interpret marketing lingo and thrive on the foods you select. Sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes.


Kitchen & Pantry Assessment Makeovers

Invite Tracy to your home to review the products you stock your shelves and fridge with and find out what foods can stay and which have to go in order for you to achieve your goals. Discover what products to avoid buying, what ingredients to avoid and how to stock your shelves properly to eliminate cravings and binges. Typical appointments 60-90 minutes.


One Time Nutrional Analysis & Recommendations

Just looking for some tweaks to your diet or can't figure out why you aren't losing weight with your already great habits? Our single assessment includes a 7 day food log, Ratio, nutrient and vitamin analysis, along with short and long term recommendations. A bestseller among regular exercisers and personal training clients and gives you a taste of our nutrional services.


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Keywords: Nutrition

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