Digiconcepts Home Technologies - Whole House Audio

By: Digiconcepts  09-12-2011


You’re in the kitchen…is that Billy Joel next to you? You walk through the Dining Room. Did you notice the London Philharmonic following along side? You did. Music sets an unmistakable mood. It relaxes children, sets your mind at ease, helps you recall pleasant memories and energizes social gatherings. Bring music into every room of your home and yard to give your life a score. Walk into a room, touch a button on a wall-mounted keypad and your choice of music from radio, satellite, cable, CD or tape begins to play. The system can even play your favorite songs straight from your iPod. Speakers no longer have to be seen to be heard and it’s as easy as turning on a light switch.

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Digiconcepts Home Technologies - Home Automation

The security system can reset to allow the doors to open, the air-conditioning will adjust to accommodate extra people, lights properly illuminate the exterior and entertaining rooms, the lawn sprinklers turn off, the pool heater turns on, the fireplace ignites and just the right music playing fills each room.


Digiconcepts Home Technologies - Home Cinema

These are typically everyday living areas that are now adorned with large widescreen High-Definition plasma TV’s mounted on the wall and surround-sound speaker systems that help transport you into the movie or television show. To make the distinction between these rooms and dedicated theatres clear, we refer to them as home cinemas. Over the years we have seen more and more homes turn their family rooms into multi-use home theatres.


Digiconcepts Home Technologies - Lighting Control

Automated shades control natural lighting, while assisting climate controls and even filtering out harmful U/V rays that damage furnishings, artwork and antiques. One touch engages a combination of lights at varying levels to assume the preset ambience, referred to as the scene. Lighting control systems meticulously bring every aspect of each area of the home to its best artistic life.