ATRA-FLEX (R)- Flexible Shaft Couplings Solve Misalignment, End Float, Vibration

By: Atra-flex  09-12-2011

A flexible coupling is not designed to compensate for excessive misalignment. Its purpose is to permit slight movement of pump or driver shafts or any driven equipment while transmitting power. Excess misalignment can cause short coupling life due to sliding and working action of coupling connectors. Modern machinery operates at ever increasing speeds; even minor alignment errors lead to high vibration on bearing loads resulting in machinery damage and production downtime.

Atra-Flex®Solves: Misalignment problems
by a "fail safe" method.

If you should exceed our alignment tolerances (which is the maximum your equipment should be subjected to without substantial loss of equipment life) the ring will walk off the insert to physically indicate a gross misalignment. Correct the misalignment and the ring will stay in place. At that time, you have guaranteed yourself maximum life out of your rotational equipment which equals = $$$$ Dollars $$$ Saved!!!
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