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By: Lothar Triebel Jewellers  09-12-2011

We have entered into an agreement with the HRA group of companies to market "Victor diamonds'.  These are certified Canadian diamonds meeting specific standards that originate from the Victor mine in northern Ontario.  At this time, they are the only Canadian diamonds that are cut on site, making them truly Canadain in every way.  The "Victor' diamond will feature the Ideal Square cut, clean straight edges like the well known princess cut, but with a cutting style more like the original round brilliant; to give the highly sought after square look with increased fire and brilliance.  "Victor" diamonds are being very tightly marketed, with only a few prestigious stores being licensed to carry them.  the Victor mine has a life expectancy of only about 15 years, so the purchase of a Victor diamond now will become a precious part of your Canadian history later. The addition of Victor means that Lothar Triebel Jewellers is now sourcing Canadian diamonds from six different brokers, making their selection and buying capability second to no one.

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We offer computer assisted custom designing, allowing the customer many advantages to create one of a kind pieces, remount old stones and match existing jewellery. Repairs will be completed in the order they are received; however, items purchased in-store will receive priority service and are often ready within a few days.