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By: Island Alpine Guides  09-12-2011

Day Hikes

For those who enjoy their hikes one day at a time we have some great places to show you. Whether it is an alpine experience you are after, a coastal walk or a stroll in the rain forest, we will show you the best that the island has to offer. Join us for one day or come to stay for a while at one of the areas fine resorts taking day trips to explore. Destinations for alpine day hikes include: Rogers Ridge and Mount Adrian, Alexandra Peak, Crest Mountain, Mount Arrowsmith and Peak 5040 to name but a few of the possibilities. We also have some excellent coastal day hikes to offer.

Comox Glacier Hike

For many who have gazed up from sea level to the Comox Glacier the lure of standing on top of it is irresistible. Join our guides on a three day hike to the summit of the glacier. The views looking down from the top back to sea level are amazing. Although mostly a hike, some hikers may need the additional security of a rope on some of the rock steps and across the top of the Glacier. The trip is best done as a three day adventure though very fit parties may choose to do it in two days.

Auger Point Traverse

This is our most popular mountain traverse for a reason. It is a spectacular hike with no technical difficultly at all and in a relatively short (four day) time frame you get to experience the full wilderness spleandour of Strathcona Park which you get on the longer and more committing traverses. Starting at Paradise Meadows gives us the altitude advantage as we head up and over Mount Albert Edward and through the headwaters of the Oyster River before taking in the summit of Augerpoint Mountain and making our way down to Buttle Lake. A beautiful four day hike perfect for any reasonably fit person who loves mountain wilderness. Strenuousness: Moderate. Done as a four day hike the elevation gains and distances travelled are not onerous however you must be prepared to carry a three night pack.

Secret Valley Hike

Experience rugged mountain vistas, Waterfalls cascading all around you from above, Island glaciation and the beauty of subalpine lakes. We discovered this hidden gem recently and are sure that this trip will become a classic destination. The hike takes you behind the Comox Glacier to an area that sees few visitors. From lakes and waterfalls to massive mountain walls and beautiful wildflowers this trip has it all. With the quickest access to big peaks and glaciers anywhere on the Island if you are going to do one alpine day trip, this is the one to do. Hiking times can vary from a few hours to a full day depending on group wishes. No matter how far or near up this valley you go, you will be rewarded with amazing scenery.

Nootka Trail

Imagine all of the features of the famed west coast trail, put them in an even wilder and more remote setting, remove the massive numbers of tourists and you have the Nootka Trail. This remote and beautiful coastal walk takes in stunning long white sand beaches, rocky headlands, coastal rain forest and ancient first nations settlements. Abundant wildlife and a superlatively rich coastal ecosystem make this an unforgettable six day trek.

Kings Peak

For those who love the mountains and especially standing on mountain peaks, but who prefer to avoid technical climbing, King's peak is a superb alpine outing. A strenuous two day hike takes you through beautiful valley bottom forest up into a rugged alpine setting on the summit of King's peak with superlative views of the highest peaks of Strathcona Park.

North Coast Trail

The recently opened North Coast Trail takes in Cape Scott and a beautiful remote stretch of the North Coast of Vancouver Island. This is our most demanding and remote coastal hike and is best suited to the more adventurous hiker. This 7 day trek has more elevation gain and loss than our other coastal hikes and is more rugged in general. But the rewards are great on a hike that takes in tremendous coastal wilderness in a remote setting which few people have seen.

Washington/Comox Glacier Traverse

A stunning week long traverse of the dramatic eastern edge of the mountains of Strathcona Park. Once we leave the forest in Paradise meadows to head into the alpine, we barely touch tree-line again for the entire trip. To the west the mountains of Strathcona Park, to the east the Ocean and the Coast Mountains. This is an arduous and very rewarding trip for fit people with a sense of adventure.

Juan de Fuca Trail

Stunning coastal scenery, roaring surf, abundant marine and forest wild life and spectacular hiking are all features of our 4 day Juan de Fuca hike. This is the shortest, least demanding and most accessible of our coastal hikes yet it still offers a fine wilderness experience.

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Whether you use the lifts or not, epic north island powder, stunning mountain scenery and the friendly culture of Mount Cain will ensure an unforgettable day, or join us for a week end with overnights in a comfortable chalet on the mountain. Skiing on all aspects is available as is some lovely tree skiing options making it a great location to get in some fabulous turns in virtually all weather conditions.


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IAG is Vancouver Island’s premier Alpine Guiding outfit, and your ticket to exploring the spectacular alpine and coastal areas on the island and BC's Coast Ranges. Our experienced guides are certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and/or are members of the Canadian Avalanche Association. Welcome to Island Alpine Guides.


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While the first ascent was made nearly one hundred years ago, the six thousand foot ascent from the valley floor to the summit as well as some low fifth class rock climbing, mean this trip is still challenging today. While our normal Comox Glacier Hike takes the standard hiking route on which there is a little scrambling at most, this trip reaches the glacier from a secret valley in behind and then via a rarely climbed couloir.