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By: Northern Mixer Pump  09-12-2011
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Read below for more information about how the mixer pump truck can work for you.

Pollution Reduction and Fuel Saving

Concrete transport and on-site pumping usually requires a high fuel consumption on two separate units. With a mixer pump your fuel consumption can be effectively halved.

Normally the unit pump has to sit around and wait for the mixer truck to arrive at the site. With a combined mixer pump truck this wait time is eliminated. Pumping with the Mixer-Pump technology starts simultaneously with the arrival of the concrete product, further saving fuel. Also, the smaller layout of the pump portion of this equipment results in a reduced clean-out time, so providing a third way conserving fuel.


The fact that a unit pump is no longer necessary means that the unit pump driver does not have to wait for the mixer truck. This removal of  the usual scheduling issues associated with co-ordinating two different vehicles means that the cost of the pump truck driver is removed.

Traffic Decongestion

By dispatching one vehicle, i.e. the Mixer-Pump unit, traffic in congested areas and outlying new communities such as subdivisions is reduced by the elimination of the over-dimensioned pump unit truck in favour of the smaller Mixer-Pump truck. Conversely, there are fewer site vehicles that could potentially be stuck in traffic.

Site Decongestion

The drastically reduced foot print of the Mixer-Pump truck’s outrigger stabilizers mean that it is significantly simpler to set-up this vehicle without obstructing other business and residential traffic. In built up areas there is also a much reduced requirement to organise lane closures and flag personnel that a large stabilizer would require.

Contamination Bylaws

The mixer-pump technology eliminates the problem of soiling municipal streets. This hybrid vehicle can pump from the paved curb-side without ever having to enter onto sites, avoiding transfer of construction site dirt to the roads.

The mixer-pump vehicle uses manganese, a lightweight metal, for the drum and high strength placing booms to minimize the unit’s weight. This solution allows the vehicle to attain the low overweight permit required by a unit carrying equipment and concrete.


By using the Mixer-Pump technology, the operator has full awareness of the “pump-ability” of the product that is delivered. No more waste due to pump and plant miscommunication.

Cost Reduction

The consumer and/or contractor can gain large savings by eliminating the stand-by and minimum charge-out rates that would be necessary for a unit pump.

Fractional Delivery

Using this hybrid technology means that the cost of pumping smaller quantities (i.e. less than a load) is now possible and cost attractive. This is especially effective in the current labour market where labourers can be difficult to source.

The mixer pump can move onto the jobsite without  without folding its boom into the transporting position. This allows the extended boom to be inserted into a doorway or window to deliver the concrete.

Alternative Choice

The mixer pump is the newest, best and most cost effective ways to do small pours, so expanding the number of jobs you can take on and make cost efficient.


The mixer pump unit can also be fitted with a hose reel which allows the unit to work like a “line-pumping” unit capable of delivering concrete to basements and other locations that would ordinarily be inaccessible from the curbside.

Low Initial Cost

The cost of the mixer truck combined with the placement boom is less than the capital outlay of buying separate unit pumps and mixer trucks, thus there is a faster amortization of the equipment. The labour and fuels savings are significant, and the environmental impact is greatly reduced. This results in, not only a substantial cost reduction, but also an operational simplification and a marketing benefit.

Keywords: Fuel, Fuel Saving, vehicle

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