A home away from home

By: Mining And Exploration  09-12-2011

Camp in a Box basically allows a work camp to set up phone, high-speed Internet access and other consumer services for the contractors who live on site, as well as enable other important business solutions (IP networks and emergency management services) in areas where wired services aren’t readily available.

Telus has completed more than 20 projects in the oilsands and has another 50 planned over the next 10 to 20 years.

“Because these mines are their own cities within themselves, there are thousands of workers living on site,” said Andy Burgess, marketing manager for Telus. “Camp in a Box provides various services to help them do their business and help miners feel at home.”

Telus allows miners to access high-speed Internet, digital TV, gaming, smartphone services and more. // http://telus.com

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Rugged mining robots can go where no man has gone before

As Canada’s resource industries begin to adopt new levels of automation through remotely operated vehicles and unmanned vehicles systems, the companies that provide such technology are equally ramping up their efforts to take full advantage of this emerging market.


Durable earth movers | Mining & Exploration

Also new to the line is the 6050/6050F hydraulic shovel, offering over four million operation hours, fast cycle times and a double-benching backhoe for prime profitability in pits and open-cast mines worldwide. The expanded product line includes the 7495 rope shovel, which has a payload of 109 tonnes and dipper capacity of 30.6 to 62.6 m3.


Compact wood waste grinder | Mining & Exploration

At a fraction of the owning and operating costs of larger machines, it offers an economical solution for material reduction while lowering dumping costs and creating a saleable, high-quality mulch,” said Bowling. The unit is highly productive and capable of grinding a wide variety of wood waste materials including tree limbs and brush, dimensional lumber scraps, pallets and light construction debris.


Heavy-duty apron pan feeder | Mining & Exploration

Peter Hargreaves, in charge of business development with IEM, said apron feeders are typically used where very heavy vertical loads are applied, such as under a crusher, surge bin or reclaim stockpile. The IEM apron feeder ensures durability with head and tailshaft split-pillow block housings and variable hydraulic or VFD speed drives with speed reducers.


This Hitachi excavator is a jack of all trades

The excavator features a 567-kW Tier 2 Cummins engine.The boom-recirculation system efficiently recirculates oil in the boom circuit, delivering more pressurized oil to the arm from the pump to increase arm-lowering speed in the combined operation of the boom and arm.


Secondary containment system | Mining & Exploration

The modular design permits C-Ring to be enlarged or contracted after initial installation, allowing the size to be adjusted as capacity is added or subtracted from a storage site. For dependability and durability, all systems are made with high-strength steel and have heavy-duty G115 galvanizing, meeting the stringent requirements of ISO 9001.