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By: Yard At A Time Delivery  09-12-2011
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Yard At A Time has a wide variety of landscape supplies for you to choose from.  Following is a list of our products with a description and their common uses.

BARK MULCH: FINE FIR  A fine grind bark top dressing. Retains moisture and helps keep weeds down.

DARK BARK MULCH: Extra dark, fine grind bark mulch. Partially composted.  Excellent top dressing for flower beds. Limited supply.

ORGANIC COMPOST:  A composted mixture of grass clippings, leaves, potatoes, manures, some sawdust, mixed, turned, composted and screened.

FISH COMPOST:  Also known as Sea Soil. Fish {mainly salmon} mixed with wood products {fir and hemlock} from mills and land clearing debris. It is mixed and composted for 1.5 to 2 years, then finely ground. The end product is a black looking organic soil with nutrients. It looks good as a topdressing, works well as a fertilizer, can be used as a mix with other soils and is Rodale certified. For detailed info check our links.

SKY ROCKET COMPOST: A nutrient-rich soil amendment for lawns and gardens, created by the Comox Valley Regional District by composting a mix of wood chips and biosolids.
SkyRocket is made of wood chips mixed with biosolids, which are cured over time to create a nutrient-rich mulch.  Biosolids are derived from the wastewater treatment process - they are the sold waste particles remaining once wastewater has been treated.  Biosolids contain macronutrients and organic matter that can replenish soil and help it to retain moisture.
Due to the nutrient levels in this product, SkyRocket should be used as a soil conditioner or supplement, rather than as a topsoil or fertilizer.  It can be applied annually or as recommended by soil analysis.  As when using any manure product, hands should be washed after applying or handling the product.
Top dress 1 to 2" or mix 1 part to 3 parts soil or sand.

SCREENED TOPSOIL:  The top 4 to 6 inches of soil from local excavations. Screened down to 3/4" - 1/2".  A good base product for gardens and lawns.

TOP SOIL & ORGANIC COMPOST 50-50 MIX:  50% screened topsoil + 50% organic compost, mixed and screened. Ideal for new and old gardens, lawn base or top dressing.

TOPSOIL & FISH COMPOST 70-30 MIX:  70% screened topsoil + 30% fish compost, A great mix for flower and vegetable gardens, top dressing lawns, flower boxes and pots.

TOPSOIL & SKYROCKET COMPOST 70-30 MIX: 30% SkyRocket compost blended with screened topsoil.  Great for flower and plant gardens, trees, shrubs.

WASHED BEDDING SAND: A good all purpose sand for covering pipes and power lines in ditches, adding to gardens for loosening up soil, topdressing lawns, a base for patio stones and brick.PLAY BOX SAND: Nice fine screened white sand suitable for children's play boxes and under above ground swimming pools.

MASONRY SAND: Extra fine sand used for brick laying, stone setting, etc.

PLAY GROUND / PEA GRAVEL: Good for a base for kids play area, around slides and swings, dog runs, exposed aggregate, drainage.

EXPOSED AGGREGATE CONCRETE GRAVEL: 3/8" minus for making exposed aggregate driveways and sidewalks.

GRAY DRIVEWAY AND PATH GRAVEL: 3/4" fragments  Ideal for pathways and second driveways, R.V., boat and trailer parking spots. Double washed, packs well, multi colored grey chips.  Can be ordered with grit for packing.

BLUECHIP DRIVEWAY AND PATH GRAVEL: 3/4" fragments Same as above gravel but with blue chips.  Can be ordered with grit for packing.

SALT AND PEPPER GRAVEL: 3/4" clear or 3/8" with fines. Fancy looking gravel for driveways, paths or sidewalks. White and charcoal mix.

DRAIN ROCK: Available in 3/4" or 1+ 1/2 " sizes, works well for septic fields, perimeter drains, drain tile or decorative rock.

NAVY JACK: Pre blended mix of sand and gravel in the right proportions to mix with cement mix.

ROAD CRUSH: A mix of sand and gravel designed to pack well, ideal for road base, pot holes, driveway base, concrete base, laying bricks or flat stones.  3/4" minus, Ministry of Transportation and City of Courtenay spec.

PIT RUN BULK FILL: Sand, dirt, small stones and rocks.  Unscreened from the pit.

If you don't see what you like or need give us a call - we can get anything that
is available locally and deliver it to your yard.

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