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By: Rife Technology  09-12-2011
Keywords: Musical Instruments, Frequency Generators

State of the Art Enclosed Resonant Light Emission Devices

Simply speaking, resonant light is the integration of light and sound. It was Royal Rife who discovered that melding these two forms of energy together creates a signal or frequency that controls micro-organisms. Inspired by the original Rife technology, the PERLs transmit three signals simultaneously. These devices are the product of over 15 years of research and refinement.

Why you should choose a PERL:

- We use leaded glass tube that not only blocks all UV, but also eliminates any concerns about using PVCs or plastics.

- Tested and proven with up to the minute technology and top quality components.

- Because of our on-going production, units are normally available for next day shipment.

- We stand by our warranty and provide ongoing support.


Our warranty and customer service is the best in the industry: 1 year parts and labour with free two-way shipping for the first 30 days after purchase within Canada and the continental United States. You reach a real person when you telephone us.

Technical Support:

What distinguishes our devices from similar devices on the market?

It is the ability to emit individual frequencies
in the pure, undiminished form.

Our ProGen II uses multiple, individual frequencies. With its capacity to generate thousands of individual frequencies in any sequence, it has the advantage of being able to emit every individual frequency in its pure form without resorting to combining frequencies.

While some manufacturers may prefer to run multiple frequencies simultaneously, the purity of each component wave is lost with this method. Some frequencies cancel each other out; others may add together.

Think of recording several musical instruments as they are played together. The effect is of a blended sound, wherein the pure musical line of each instrument no longer exists. In the ProGen II, the purity of each individual frequency is maintained when emitted, giving you the true frequency that you are looking for.


  • Easy to use; effective, safe, rugged, reliable and compact.
  • Each unit is fabricated by hand and subject to rigorous quality assurance testing before certification.
  • Supports the use of multiple frequency generators at one time to minimize delivery time or to deliver multiple protocols or frequencies simultaneously.
  • Non-contact, non-invasive with an effective range of up to 30 feet.

Keywords: Frequency Generators, Musical Instruments

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