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By: Natural Pastures  09-12-2011
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Soft Cheeses

Brie and Camembert are bloomy rind cheeses characterized by their edible, downy white rinds. Comox Brie's buttery soft interior is a gentle, creamy flavour.

Comox Brie & Camembert are excellent served on their own. For optimal flavour, serve at room temperature. Delicious topped with chutney or tart jam. Great baked in oven 325°F for 10 minutes. Lovely with baguettes, crackers or toast. Perfect on cheese plates. Good with white or red wines.

Curious about wine with cheese?

How to Judge a Cheese? It's All In Your Rind

Fresh Cheese

  • Fresh Curds

    Perennial Favourite

    Protein-rich, squeaky fresh plump nuggets of flavour. A favourite go-anywhere-anytime food. Great for soups, salads, omelet­tes and poutine. Enjoy them fresh by the handful!

  • Mozzarella di Bufala

    Authentic mozzarella is made of water buffalo milk and is a porcelain white, moist ball of fresh cheese. The fresher the better, hand made only from rare, rich water buffalo milk. Tender and moist delivering a simple yet profound taste that unfolds in layers of flavour and texture.

  • Bocconcini di Bufala

    Experience authentic Natural Pastures Bocconcini di Bufala Fairburn, tender and moist, delivering a simple yet profound taste that unfolds in layers of flavour and texture. Savour the first Bocconcini di Bufala made in Canada.

  • Bocconcini

    In Italy, mozzarella made of fresh cows milk is called Fior di Latte. Enjoy our moist, tender Fior di Latte made purely of fresh Island cows milk from Natural Pastures select Heritage Farms. Store in its brine, and for best flavours and texture, serve at room temperature or warm.

  • Cherry Bocconcini

    Cherry-sized Bocconcini made purely of fresh Island cows milk from Natural Pastures select Heritage Farms. Store in its brine, and for best flavours and texture, serve at room temperature or warm.

Semi-Soft Cheese

Semi-Firm Cheeses

  • Courtenay Cheddar

    A mild Cheddar reflecting rare terroir of the Comox Valley. Versatile and delicious in cooked foods, as a snack and on cheese plates. Great with red wine or beer.

Firm Cheese

Verdelait Artisan Cheeses

Verdelait is the delicious, award-winning blend of cheddar, Dutch gouda and Swiss raclette, developed by Natural Pastures in Courtenay. Verdelait is the base for the five superbly flavoured cheeses. Versatile and wonderful for cooking, grating, fondues, sandwiches; melts beautifully. Good with red or white wine.

  • Cracked Pepper Verdelait

    Semi-firm and creamy spiked with a slightly warm, premium, cracked black pepper. Excellent in sandwiches, cheese plates, baked in quiche, omelettes; delicious melted.

  • Garlic & Chive Verdelait

  • Pacific Pepper

    A vibrant, sassy cheese with an inferno finish. Amazing flavour of local Paper Lantern habañero peppers with premium black pepper. Brilliant on nachos, pizza and pastas, in sandwiches and on cheese plates. Great with a gutsy red wine or full-bodied beer.

  • Winterlude Spice

    Available Winter season only

    Semi-firm Verdelait, creamy with spicy, sweet flavours of cloves and cumin. A favourite during festive wintertime.

Aged Firm Cheeses

  • Aged Farmhouse

    A firm cheese loaded with rich flavour. Slightly granular in texture. Delicious, rare terroir, leaving you a lingering sweetness on the tongue.

  • Parmadammer

    Limited Availability


I have to go along with the “fan letter” on your website that hints at the possibility of swooning when given the opportunity to taste your Boerenkaas but this year’s Verdelait flavoured cheeses were spectacular. Thank you for joining us again in the competition and you have moved the notch quite high for next year’s competition.

Best wishes for a great year and look forward to a great 2006 competition

Sally Andrews
Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Dairy Product Superintendent

We are proud members of the Conservation Partners Program (CPP).

The CPP, a province-wide initiative of The Land Conservancy (TLC), brings a collaborative approach to uniting ecological conservation with sustainable agriculture values and practices. The program supports and promotes the partners – exemplary farmers, ranchers and vineyard owners who use their land not only to produce food, but also to protect natural habitat and biodiversity. The partners are distinguished by the butterfly logo, a tool to spark public interest in this community and its contribution to the long-term viability of food production and ecosystem health in B.C.

We use only fresh milk produced on our selected Farms, which practice sustainable farming and animal stewardship. These Heritage Dairy Farms are committed to environmental sustainability, and the natural wildlife habitat has been enhanced. Our enhanced stream habitats raise thousands of wild Coho Salmon each year.

Mild seaside climatic conditions and “terroir” of the Farms’ location contribute to rare, ambrosial taste experiences for those savouring Natural Pastures cheeses.

Environmental and Business Awards Earned by Natural Pastures Cheese Company:

  • Canada Habitat Award 2003
  • Comox Valley Economic Development Society, Certificate of Recognition and Achievement 2003
  • Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce New Business of the Year 2002
  • Certificate of Appreciation For Exceptional Efforts
    to Enhance Fish Habitat in Little River Award,
    B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Food 2000
  • Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce Environmental Initiative Award 1998
  • B.C. Canada Soil Conservation Program, Conservation Award 1992

Keywords: Cheese, Natural Pastures