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By: Westcor Services  09-12-2011
Keywords: Insulation, Fireproofing

Fire Proofing

As a leading Canadian fireproofing applicator, Westcor’s qualified and skilled team are experienced in the proper of fireproofing systems and we adhere to the manufacturers’ and underwriters’ laboratories standards.

Our industrial fireproofing applications include: 

  • Structural steel fireproofing for shop, module, and in-situ applications
  • Intumescent and specialty epoxy coatings
  • Concrete and gunite fireproofing
  • E-Mat cable tray, valve assembly and valve actuator fireproofing
  • Firestopping

Westcor has exclusive applicator licenses for the top fireproofing products on the market today: 

  • Pyrocrete® (Carboline Pyrocrete 241 and 240HY)
  • Isolatek (Cafco®, Fendolite®, Cafco Ceramospray®, CAFCO® Cryogenic)
  • Charteck
  • AD Firefilm
  • WR Grace product line

Our 25,000 square foot craned fabrication facility and 5 acre module yard provide Westcor with the capacity to handle major fireproofing projects. 


The important focus on sustainable development and energy conservation places greater emphasis on effective insulation for process facilities and structures. As industrial processes advance, so too does the complexity of industrial insulation applications.

Whether you require insulation for a petrochemical, pulp and paper, institutional or marine project, Westcor has the knowledge and the skilled crafts to install the state of the art insulation systems available today.

Our applications:

  • Process piping and equipment
  • Major equipment insulation and cladding for turbines, boilers, precipitators and large vessels 
  • Removable insulations blankets and pads
  • Noise and acoustic enclosures
  • Sprayed polyurethane foam insulation

Our highly trained project professionals and insulators define Westcor through their work ethic and their commitment to safety and quality. Our people understand that today’s industrial projects are built in a demanding technical and business environment. We would be pleased to work with you to make your organization’s project successful.


The insulation and fireproofing applications required for the marine industry present unique challenges. Westcor carries an inventory of Department of Transport approved structural fire insulation for A-60 and A-30 bulkhead and deckhead applications.

In addition to structural fire and thermal insulations, Westcor supplies and installs:

  • Lightweight fire rated panel systems
  • Soft or hard-core linings
  • Floating floors

Consultants in the marine industry frequently rely on our experience for their design and specification development.


As clients modernize existing plants, we are there to safely remove asbestos containing materials. To avoid downtime, Westcor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle your environmentally sensitive project.

Westcor has and will continue to respect the environment and we are prepared to do whatever within reason to ensure its preservation. We will support your environmental initiatives, and work together with you to avoid incidents. 

Spray Division

We are dedicated to providing quality installation with certified applicators at competitive rates.  We have the crews and equipment to handle any size of project.

We provide our services for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Marine and Residential  projects.

We have successfully completed projects across all of Western Canada

Our Applicators have been through comprehensive training programs and have been certified when required

We are an environmentally conscious spray company that complies with all LEED requirements

Safety is one of our top priorities, Safe work procedures are provided for all our disciplines that comply with Worksafe standards

Services offered

  • Sprayed Fireproofing
    - Mineral Fibre
    - Cementitious
    - High Density
    - Medium Density
    - Normal Density
  • Industrial Fireproofing
  • Intumescent Fireproofing
  • Sprayed Polyurethane Foam
  • Sprayed Thermal Barrier
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Sprayed Thermal
    - Glass Fibre
    - Cellulose
  • Sprayed Acoustical
  • Firestopping


Keywords: Fireproofing, Insulation