Industrial Dust and Fume Collectors

By: Rotoaire  09-12-2011

United Air Specialist, Inc.  is  the  leader  in supplying solutions to eliminate the problems caused by discharge from cooking ventilation. Retail Developments, Hotels, High Rise Buildings, Grocery Stores,

Airports,  Sports and Entertainment Complexes, Casinos, and Food Courts have all taken    advantage

of SMOG-HOG's ability to eliminate the nusance of smoke, grease and odour from on site or  nearby


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The Best Aftermarket Air Filter Products

With a wide range of custom metal products such as washable aluminium and galvanized air filters, media holding frames and custom electrostatics, even our lead-times are half the competitions. Panels, ROTOAire's years of experience allow us the versatility to supply the right product for your application. Quality air filtration products, Glasfloss has played a vital role with ROTOAire's.


ROTOAire - HEPA Air Filters

Flanders Filters continues to be the leader in HEPA Filtration and housings and through the years has maintained a reputation for supplying the highest quality. Has been the leading manufacturer of HEPA Filters & Systems since 1950, primarily for the Atomic Energy Commission. Today Flanders Filters is the only remaining original manufacturer and unlike other manufacturers. Systems to the most demanding customers throughout the world.


ROTOAire - Containment Systems

Flanders / CSC Corporation specializes in air filtration systems to remove dangerous airborne contaminants, these systems are commonly referred to as "containment systems". Pharmaceuticals, genetic and biotech facilities, universities, nuclear power and nuclear material. Containment systems are extremly high quality, high efficiency systems used to filter and. We serve this very narrow and specific portion of the air filtration industry.