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By: Process Renewal Consulting Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Project Management

The Process Renewal Group has available a set of documented frameworks and guidelines to assist in our clients' business change activities. These may be licensed for use by clients and combined with training and other service offerings. Current offerings include:

  • Process Architecture and Renewal Framework for Business Process Change
  • This product outlines the methods required to manage both Business Process Architecture and Alignment projects and Business Process Renewal Projects. For each of eight major phases and for each step in the phase it describes in detail:

    • Objectives
    • Triggers and Prerequisites
    • Inputs
    • Deliverables / Outcomes
    • Constituent Process Steps
    • Techniques and References
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Lessons Learned

    It also points to sources for more detail for each technique.

  • Self Assurance Framework for Excellence
  • This quality assurance product defines the checkpoints required in both Process Architecture and Process Renewal projects. It covers the professional methodological activities as well as the project management activities associated with any initiative. It also provides a list of questions for the project team members to ask themselves to assure that critical high-risk activities have been conducted properly and the risk will have been reduced. It doubles as a set of stimuli for the key stakeholders to ask appropriate quality assurance questions at the key points in a project. It can be used as an independent risk evaluation framework when conducting an independent assessment of a project team managed by an external vendor or an internal team. It defines in detail:

    • Required and Optional Checkpoints
    • Risk Questions for Each Checkpoint
    • Templates for Evaluation
    • Potential Impact of Non Compliance
    • Planned Action for Risk Reduction

    This product can also be developed or tailored to suit any other method.

  • Project Management Framework
  • This guidebook provides direction and advice for the conduct of any project in any environment. It deals with the key issues of managing deliverable acceptance and the assurance of commitment towards their completion. It covers the critical lifecycle of a commitment to a deliverable including preparation and visioning, negotiating and planning, execution and continuous improvement, evaluation and acceptance. It defines the tools to be used for the effective management of this lifecycle and for each it describes:

    • Purpose
    • Objective
    • Responsibility
    • Documentation Tips
    • Approach

    In addition the framework includes automated versions of the tools for ongoing consistency, distribution and reuse.

  • Prototyping and Rapid Application Development Framework
  • This product is similar to the Process Renewal Framework but for the fast-tracking of application design and development. It provides the guidance needed in order to carry out a prototyping and rapid development project. Each stage of project delivery is described according to the following structure:

    • Objective
    • Definition of Task
    • Deliverables
    • Activities
    • Roles and Responsibilities

    Keywords: Project Management

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