PortaSwitch VoIP Softswitch and Billing Software

By: PortaOne  09-12-2011
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PortaSwitch is a software based telecommunication services and subscriber management platform that allows VoIP service providers, carriers, ISPs, and modern communication network operators to unify voice, data, Internet and fax traffic within a single
converged network.

PortaSwitch is built around a comprehensive converged VoIP billing software platform and includes a class 4-5 SIP softswitch and media application servers. PortaSwitch provides access to the complete hosted IP PBX or IP Centrex functionality and the ultimate feature set as a calling cards or VoIP wholesale platform.

PortaSwitch consists of the following 3 components:

Converged VoIP Billing Software

SIP Softswitch

Media Servers Software

Component Server Number of Servers Function
PortaBilling RADIUS Billing 1 AAA, rating, routing, service provisioning
MySQL Database 2 Master DB, Replica DB
Web Server 1 Admin interface, customer self care pages
PortaSIP Softswitch 1 Proxying for class 5 services and SBC functionality
PortaUM Media Server 1 Media applications: IVR playback, unified messaging and conferencing
Configuration server 1
Total 7

PortaSwitch unlimited and perpetual license includes:

  • Source code
  • Post-installation services: monitoring and optimization

PortaSwitch Applications

PortaSwitch is a single platform for a variety of different services. It can provide a number of applications which address a comprehensive set of VoIP communication features aimed at today’s market opportunities. PortaOne software-based approach increases user flexibility, lowers the cost of entry into enhanced service markets, and minimizes the deployment time and costs. Below are some typical examples of solutions supported by PortaSwitch.

Class 5: IP Centrex and Hosted IPPBX

  • Reduced costs for MAC (Moves, Adds and Changes)
  • center
  • Single converged voice and data network at each location
  • Variable-length abbreviated dialing at each location
  • Consolidated long distance from all locations
  • Greater flexibility in deployment and maintenance
  • Superior functionality over traditional PBX
  • Services can be rolled out to specific departments or sites, or across multiple sites to replace and/or complement existing equipment

Callback Management

With Callback Management solution, service providers can enable users to initiate long-distance calls using a variety of origination methods, thus offering an alternative to costly outbound long-distance rates. Supported origination methods are:

VoIP Wholesale Traffic Management

With a VoIP wholesale traffic solution, wholesale carriers can offer call exchange services to affiliate VoIP service providers worldwide. Backed by the extremely robust VoIP billing engine, PortaSwitch allows efficient mediation of even the largest VoIP traffic volumes.

  • Call authentication/authorization
  • priority-based and LCR (least-cost routing)
  • CDR processing
  • Advanced statistics (ASR, cost/revenue, etc.)

Calling cards

Prepaid, postpaid and virtual calling card services represent one of the fastest-growing types of enhanced VoIP services. Printed and virtual calling cards are especially popular among mobile phone users, as an alternative to mobile operators’ outrageously high international rates and roaming fees.

  • Customizable, wizard-driven call rating, including tricky charges
  • Calling cards, batches and corresponding accounts (PINs) management tools
  • E-commerce module for web signup, and credit card payment system fully compliant with the Visa security standard
  • IVR support, including recharge vouchers

Learn more about these and other applications of PortaSwitch in the


PortaSwitch Performance

PortaSwitch comes with unlimited license and since there are no artificial limitations on the software side the only thing that limits its performance is the calculating power of the servers it is installed on. Of course, the actual performance will depend on the system’s configuration, traffic patterns, and the types of services provided. From our experience the following numbers may be expected, on average:

Performance Indicators Maximal Values
Call attempts per second 50
Busy hour call attempts (BHCA) 180,000
Concurrent calls 7,500
Concurrent Internet access sessions 20,000
Individual customers 100,000
Monthly traffic in minutes 20,000,000

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