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By: Phr Resources  09-12-2011

Below are frequently asked questions that we have received from our customers.

Q: What are the main purposes of a sound compensation system?

A: The main goals of a sound compensation system are to attract, hold and motivate good team members.  Other purposes include eliminating morale problems caused by inequitable pay, giving your firm a good reputation, improving the quality of employees’ performance, and raising their productivity for paying for performance programs.

Q: What are the Typical “Traps” to Avoid in Starting an Organized Compensation System?

A: Here are four “snags” to avoid:

  • Don’t begin by trying to see how little you can get away with paying.  Team members will resent that attitude and the great performers will leave.
  • Don’t announce the start of a compensation program and then stall for months without acting.  That looks like you want to wait until you’re forced to begin.
  • Create your own plan.  You can learn from other organizations but simply copying one or a cookie cutter one usually results in a poor fit for the exclusive characteristics of your own company.
  • Don’t make compensation a mystery.  Explain and answer questions about the program or you’ll start the rumor mill going.

Q: How do I know if I need a business coach and if so where do I find one?

Q: Why should organizations provide outplacement services to displaced employees?

A: It’s good business practice. It shows that they care about their employees and want to assist them even after they leave the company. This is often viewed as reciprocation for the value the employee has contributed in the past. Organizations who value their people provide outplacement as a continuation of other benefits, such as training, health care, retirement plans, and severance pay. Outplacement programs can help avoid lawsuits. By applying consistent, fair, and humane termination and severance practices a company helps people to work constructively and positively on pursuing a new career goal. This also helps companies to maintain a positive image with their current employees, their customers, the community, and future recruited employees.

Q: Does outplacement help companies recruit and retain valued employees?

A: Yes. A good severance and outplacement package is considered to be among the top three criteria for senior level executives evaluating job offers. Most savvy professionals do not expect a job to last forever, and they appreciate the added security of a severance and outplacement package.
Q: Who should get outplacement services?
A: Any employee who leaves an employer. This can include retirees, people affected by layoffs, executives, and even individuals terminated for cause. PHR Resources Ltd. is equipped with the skills and expertise to deal with displace.

Q: In reference to your employee recruiting services, what types of candidates and/or industries do you work with?

A: PHR Resources Ltd. specializes in working with Manufacturing, high technology and life sciences companies, and we have filled Support positions at all professional levels in areas such as Information Technology, Operations, Accounting, Engineering, Scientists(Ph.D), Human Resources, and Quality Assurance.

Q: How secure and reliable are your online surveys?

A: PHR Resources Ltd. works closely with our  technical staff and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest level of survey security, confidentiality, anonymity, quality, and reliability. PHR Resources Ltd.’s on-line surveys are hosted on our state-of-the-art server. This means that your company’s valuable data is protected by a high level of data security similar to that used for on-line credit card transactions.

Q: What type of survey feedback do you provide?

A: We provide you with the survey results in aggregate for your entire organization, and also broken out into any demographic areas that you wish to see. We highlight your organization strengths, as well as any opportunities for improvement. Our consultants then provide you with suggestions for improvements, and help you to form individualized action plans for your organization.

Q: What are the benefits of offering training programs to my employees?

A: PHR Resources Ltd. knows you believe your employees are valuable. We want to make them indispensable. In today’s competitive business world, our employees are the key assets in ensuring growth. Statistics show that training of employees obtains positive results; turnover drops, morale improves, and productivity and profitability go up.

Q: How can I inquire about a customized program or business coaching ?

Q: I’ve read the programs you offer on your website. What if I am in need of a personalized program tailored to meet the specific challenges my company is currently facing?

A: PHR Resources Ltd. will work with you to meet any of your training program needs and requirements.

Q: I’ve received materials from many similar organizations. What makes PHR Resources Ltd. different?

A: We focus on the professional relationships that determine business success. We teach skills that are imperative for success in today’s challenging and ever-changing business environment.

Q: What is your background and experience?

A: PHR Resources Ltd. has worked with a wide range of industries, both large and small, on a variety of topics. The positive feedback we receive from our clients is indicative of our success in delivering entertaining, informative, and highly beneficial sessions, programs, services  that are applicable to their individual circumstances.

Q: What kinds of organizations has PHR Resources Ltd. worked with?

A: PHR Resources Ltd. has provided HR Consulting Services for clients from Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, government entities, Post Secondary Institutions,and small to medium sized businesses.
Human Resource Consulting

Q: How do I know if HR Consulting is right for my organization?

A: We are  equipped with the skills and expertise to provide you with valuable experience and perspective if your company is facing challenges and key decisions. We can help you to clarify your mission or strategic vision, evaluate programs and services and guide you through the return on investment process.

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