Lower Extremity Orthotics & Supports

By: Ortho Active  09-12-2011

Lower Extremity Orthotics & Supports

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Knee Supports

Hip & Leg Supports

Stabilized / Patellar Supports

Hinged Knee


Knee Compression


Post-Op Braces / Knee Immobilizers

Hip / Groin / Leg Supports

Ankle Supports

Active Ankle


Other Ankle
Braces / Sleeves

Walking Boots

Plantar Fasciitis

Night Splints

Lower Extremity Orthoses

Ultraflex Orthoses

Knee Orthoses

Fracture Bracing

Hip Orthoses

Ankle Foot
Orthoses (AFO)

Ultraflex Lower
Extremity Orthoses

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Freedom Innovations

In just a few short years since its inception in 2002, Freedom Innovations has become the leading U.S. high technology provider of premium prosthetic devices, a growing segment of the non-invasive orthopedic market. Since the invention of high performance carbon fiber foot products in the early 1980's, Freedom Innovations' executive management has played an integral role in advancing the industry.


Retail Products

With an easy-to-use Velcro closure lacing system, the brace may be easily donned with one simple motion. Material is cut to allow full hand motion while limiting wrist flexion and extension. The new Active CT Lacer is the ideal choice for most clients with wrist problems.


Upper Extremity Orthotics & Supports

Upper Extremity Orthotics & Supports.