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By: Medrayimaging  09-12-2011


In Digital Radiography the x-ray picture is recorded and stored on a computer rather than on an x-ray film. X-ray procedures are performed in the same manner as before, we’ve just removed the film and replaced it with a digital sensor. X-rays are routinely used to examine the chest, spine, limbs or abdomen.

Benefits of digital radiography compared to traditional x-ray examinations:

  • Excellent image quality
  • Fewer repeated x-rays
  • Less radiation
  • Easier storage and transfer of images to your doctors
  • Multiple copies can be made and sent if necessary, with no risk of the original exam being lost or damaged
  • Less harmful to the environment- toxic chemicals used to manufacture and develop x-ray film are no longer needed

All x-ray procedures require a referral from a doctor with a completed requisition.

You do not have to book an appointment for x-ray examinations, they are done on a "first come, first served" basis. Bring your completed requisition and BC Care Card with you at the time of the exam.

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MedRay MRI Vancouver, BC

Our staff consists of highly trained medical radiology technologists and medical office administrators who are focused on ensuring that you are well taken care of from booking to testing. This digital technology provides high quality images to improve diagnostic quality of our exams and facilitates quick turn-around of exam images and reports.


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Regular screening mammograms are one of the best ways to monitor your breast health because they can find most types of breast cancer early. Screening Mammograms are for healthy women with no known breast problems who do not have a history of breast cancer or breast implants. Screening Mammograms are recommended for all women in British Columbia over the age of 40 at regular intervals every one or two years.