By: Behindbars Cycle Gear  09-12-2011

At Morrison & Associates, we specialize in pre and post sale support of wireless implementations.


We conduct Discovery Sessions with your oganization's key knowledge experts to gather the information necessary to assist in determining the types of solution(s) most appropriate to reach your overall Business Objectives. When crafting a wireless solution, we consider how each element will contribute to acheiving the organization's stated objectives. This process likely involves cost/benefit analysis to create Return On Investment (ROI) calculations to gain funding approval.

We then provide a Solution Definition so that vendors can be engaged effectively to seek out the most compelling and cost-effective systems available. This may include Tender Preparation and/or evaluation, or more simply a Request for Quotation process, dependant upon your organization's Purchasing routines.

The Procurement Processes can follow your organization's established routines or we can manage that process on your behalf. (We offer turnkey solutions by aggregating vendors and delivering the system solution on a cost-plus basis). Upon completion of the evaluation process, we deliver our Recommendations. Going forward, we work with the chosen vendor(s) to deliver an effective Scope of Work document for the Project Manager.


Key to our services offered is Project Management. However, many organizations have these services available in-house or prefer an overseer in this role. If not selected to Project Manage the implementation, we can be retained as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) resource to your chosen Project Manager, supporting the implementation.

Once the system is delivered, effective User Training is crucial to user acceptance and to ensure that the full benefits of the system are delivered to the organization. Many well thought out solutions have failed to live up to expectations due to failures to gain user acceptance through effective training and support. Once users lose faith in a new system or routine, it is very difficult to recover without wholesale changes.

At Morrison & Associates we understand how to get from the “current state” to the “desired state” and all the detail steps along the way. While they are specific to each organization, the discovery process gives us insight into your organization and how to best configure the implementation and training routines to achieve your organization's stated objectives.

Allow us to assist you in "doing it right" the first time and avoiding the pain and blame-game that always follows a failed implementation. It is always less costly than trying to fix things later.

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