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By: World Parrot Refuge  09-12-2011
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The Bernal and Gutierrez family (Andrea, Dubert and Martin) has virtually adopted and provided a name for #10 of the Alberta 36!

The family has chosen the name Carlitos, which was the original Spanish name given to their Green Cheek Conure (who now goes by Carlita).

Andrea and Dubert decided to virtually adopt at the World Parrot Refuge in exchange for Carlita’s bird sitting services being provided at no cost by Gloria Fantin, a Calgary volunteer for the Refuge.

Thank you, everyone, so much!

The story of the Alberta 36:
At the end of May 2011, the World Parrot Refuge offered sanctuary to 36 parrots from Alberta. The birds arrived in terrible shape and in filthy cages. They likely hadn’t been cleaned for months. The Refuge has never received so many birds in such poor condition at one time.

The birds came to us from a very sad situation in a supposed sanctuary. The woman died from Alzheimer’s, and the man has Parkinson’s. Apparently, according to a neighbour who phoned Wendy, the refuge received only 1/3 of the birds. The others didn’t make it.

The birds have now all been medically checked, given vitamin shots, and are being fed a proper, varied diet. They are being kept apart from the rest of the flock while being watched to confirm that they are fit to be released into the common aviaries.

Needless to say, these birds need sponsors to support their care. If you want to Virtually Adopt one of the Alberta 36 or contribute to their care, you may do so in a few ways. Whether you can support the full virtual adoption of a bird for $42/month ($500/year); or join our “For the Birds Campaign” for $10/month; or send any amount that you can manage; we will be grateful for your help. The first person to sponsor each bird will have the honour of naming the bird, since they all arrived nameless.

I  want to Virtually Adopt one of the Alberta 36!

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Birds

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Well, the more we looked at this, we figured that we may as well do a complete addition to the side of the building, to incorporate the food preparation kitchen and the lovely stainless steel sink that Larry and Ann Neil had donated. Craig said that he would look into finding a commercial dishwasher for us to cut down on the enormous amount of hours spent washing hundreds of dishes.


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A government that makes no attempt to keep parrots out of the pet trade has a moral obligation to support the shelters in which the victims of this trade eventually come to live. They are extremely high maintenance pets, and a cage in a home designed for humans will almost always make make a parrot physically and emotionally ill.


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The paintings, on stretched canvas, will be sold at the Parrot Refuge and each one will be personally signed, with a footprint, by the bird artist. Bailey and Peaches, umbrella cockatoos, favoured reds and yellows with impressionist influences. We will have volunteers here again to assist our artists and hand the loaded brushes to them. They are so imaginative,” Wendy Huntbatch said enthusiastically after the first art trial.


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Weekday staff includes Sasha Aubin, Fred Warnock, Robert Warnock, Kevin, Victor McLean, and on weekends, Francois, Amiee, Jeanine, and Ed Sandve. Here is a great photo of Sasha and friends representing the refuge at a local mall. Our staff changes from time-to-time as folks come and go and move on in life. Currently the Staff Supervisor is Stephanie Martin.


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Al and Ria – two of our special volunteers who come in five nights a week from 5.30 pm to 9 pm to hand feed more than 100 incoming and special needs birds, and then take those who cannot fly out for a walk in the evening sunshine – made another huge commitment.