Treading Lightly on our World… Green Woods, Green Finish and the Smallest Carbon Footprint we can offer

By: Woodland Flooring  09-12-2011
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Greener Process: Working with the natural mortality of our local forests offers a bounty of wind-fallen, beetle killed and mature hardwoods, and creates value from our forests natural waste stream. All our floors come with our own "Certificate of Origin" that tells the story behind the wood.

Timber from Wind-fall Salvaged Douglas Fir offers access to Old Growth material without compromising these ancient forests.  Selectively harvested wood from Locally owned and family operated woodlots provides second growth Fir, Alder and Maple and ensures conservation of our local forests while improving our local economy.   

Carbon Offsets: By working with local forests, our shipping costs are less, netting a much lower carbon footprint on our environment. Trees are part of the carbon cycle, when growing they are removing (storing) carbon, and once dead will emit their stored carbon back into the atmosphere during decay. Working with forest salvage removes or sequesters the decaying trees from this cycle - so long as they are manufactured into quality finished products built to last.

Buying local products is good for the environment and community too, and we do our part by shopping local for our woods and ensuring they came from between 20km and 800 km of our facility (which offers points to Green Building). 90% of our wood is sourced within 150 km of us. We process with a mandate of carbon neutrality from harvesting of sequestered wood to local processing and packaging. Things to consider when looking to buy products that come from across the Ocean or the Country, even if they are Eco Certified, what is the point if you added 10,000 km of carbon emissions to the environment to get it!

Greener Finishes: Our floors come finished with OSMO Hardwax Oil, made from naturally re-grown vegetable oils and waxes. OSMO Hardwax Oil offers a pleasing finish, which enhances the wood grain and is easy to maintain. Its not a plastic film and won't peel, flake chip, or crack like plastic urethanes do. Hardwax Oil finishes can be periodically cleaned and buffed to protect and restore the beauty of the floors and extend the longevity of the finish. Our OSMO hardwax Oil is 99% VOC Free with no measurable urea formaldehyde emissions.

Coastal and Interior Douglas Fir Floors offers a multitude of grain and character to suit contemporary and rustic home decor. Beetle-Killed Lodgepole Pine is enhanced by its unique "Blue Stain", forever immortalizing the devastation of the mountain pine beetle like a time-capsule in our wood floors. Red Alder, "The Great Impersonator", contains grain characteristics and figuring of other fine hardwoods like oak, walnut and cherry and the most under-utilized wood in B.C. Pacific Coast Maple flooring has beautiful figuring and grain coloration to complement both traditional and rustic home settings.

Our quality workmanship and factory direct service offer our customers extra value not found from a big box outlet. We produce each floor individually for each customer, and back up our quality with a guarantee! We strive to offer the best value for our products , be as price competative as possible, while maintaining a level of quality and service that stands high above the competition.  Quality always outlasts the memories of a penny saved.

Keywords: Carbon, Douglas Fir, Floors, Grain, Pine Beetle, Wood

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