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By: District Of Coldstream  09-12-2011

The primary focus of the District of Coldstream Development Services Department is to assist Council with managing growth and development. The over-riding principle with respect to growth management is to ensure new development complies with the provisions of the Official Community Plan and is congruent with the District's long range fiscal and other plans and policies. To that end, development standards are held high. All new development is expected to achieve those standards and add to the fabric of the community. The work of the Development Services Department is ultimately linked to the quality of life of our residents. In addition, the Department provides resources to other departments and is an information provider to the public and business sectors on economic development and growth-related activities.

The Development Services Department's responsibilities encompass several service areas: Long Range Policy Planning, Development Review, Planning Information Services, Subdivision Approval, and Bylaw Enforcement Related to Land Use.

Development Review
Through various application processes, the development review function results in recommendations being forwarded to Council relating to development. Applications that are submitted to the Development Services Officer include: Official Community Plan amendments; Zoning Bylaw amendments; Development Permits; Development Variance Permits; and Agricultural Land Reserve applications. Staff is also responsible for Blanket Development Permit applications for projects on a property having creek frontage.

Planning Information Services
The Development Services Officer provides information to residents, developers, realtors and other government agencies. Through the continual improvement of this website, more and more information will be available on the web.

Subdivision Approval
The Approving Officer reviews all subdivision applications to ensure compliance with the Provincial Land Title Act and related legislation, the District's Official Community Plan, Zoning Bylaw and Subdivision and Development Services Bylaw. Subdivision includes the creation of several properties from one or more existing properties, the realignment of existing property lines, and the consolidation of two or more properties into one.

Bylaw Enforcement Related to Land Use
The Bylaw Enforcement Officer manages bylaw enforcement on issues related to land use (e.g. secondary suites). Bob Bibby can be reached at 250-550-1510.

Advisory Planning Commission
The Advisory Planning Commission acts in an advisory capacity to Council on matters related to land use, community planning, and proposed bylaws and permits.



Craig Broderick, MCIP
Director of Development Services /Approving Officer
Phone:  250-545-5304
Fax:      250-545-4733

2. Can I have a secondary suite?
One secondary suite is permitted for each parcel with the Agricultural Land Reserve and, the secondary suite can only occur within a single family dwelling. Secondary suites are not permitted in any other area in Coldstream, inducing areas with residential zoning.

3. Can I get a 'plot plan' of a certain property?
Yes. If you provide an address or a legal description, we can provide a copy of the Plan of Subdivision that created the lot in question. However, we cannot provide a copy of the Surveyor's Certificate (diagrams showing the house located on the lot), which is the property of the owner and the surveyor.

4. Can I subdivide my property?
As specified in the Zoning Bylaw, each property has regulations with respect to lot size, frontage and other considerations. Depending upon the zoning, size and frontage, your property may be suitable for subdivision. Additional considerations apply to properties within the Agricultural Land Reserve. As with any form of development, proponents are responsible for substantial costs. The costs include, but are not limited to: application fees, Development Cost Charges, on-site upgrades, inspection fees, and off-site upgrades. We suggest that you contact the Development Services Officer to discuss the matter. If you are unfamiliar with municipal approvals, we suggest you retain the services of a professional who can assist you with the process.

5. How do I have input into land use decisions in the community and in my neighbourhood?
Depending upon the type of development, residents have a range of opportunities to provide their input. With respect to major reviews of the Official Community Plan, residents can participate in surveys, workshops and Public Hearings. For site-specific items, residents can provide input at the Public Hearing - either in person or by writing to Council. Official Community Plan and Zoning amendments are advertised in the local paper, and notice is sent to adjacent land owners.

We welcome residents to provide input on any community issue at any time. You can call for an appointment to see the Development Services Officer or other staff members. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at for land use related topics.

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