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By: Jackson Training  09-12-2011

Private Consultations

Enjoy the peace and quiet of our country setting.

Our most therapeutic asset is in our ability to control the environment's stimulation levels. Permitting us to create exactly the scenario best suited to assess and help dog and owner achieve their goals.

By appointment only. These two hour introductory sessions consist of an interview followed by an assessment of the dog. You'll leave armed with the tools necessary to develop your skills and get the most out of your companion.


Follow-ups  $65.

Behavioural Rehabilitation.

Gary is against removing a dog from its home environment in order to modify behaviours. Based on the premise that if an owner is not involved and aware of what has been required to solve the problem, the likelihood of the animal regressing once returned home is highly probable. Having said that; there are situations which justify such measures. Dogs with dangerous levels of aggression, fear or anxiety. Owners sometimes begin to fear their dog's actions or the dog itself. We are there to turn to.

Our greatest claims to fame are the dogs that have left here after dodging a death sentence.. to go on to live full, happy lives.

"Aggression is an expression of fear, usually created by a misunderstanding. If there's a way to fix it - we'll find it.


Rates vary:

1880/mth or less.

Kenneling or Boarding

Where else can your dog have as much fun, while you're gone - as you will, while you're away?!?!

Boarding clients are welcome after a free , brief, meet and greet. This is to ensure that your canine companion will flourish in our care. The whole premise of the boarding or kennelling services that we offer are founded on a stress free idea (compared to concrete runs and isolation). Our goal is to have  guests enjoy all the scents, sounds, critters and terrain the farm has to offer.


First dog: $55.00/night - second and subsequent dogs $25/night (long stay discounts)



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