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By: Bamboletta Dolls  09-12-2011

Who We Are!

There are a lot of new people coming to Bamboletta ( like a LOT) so I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce us. I think that with all the press and attention that we've received as of late that people may think that we are way bigger then what we actually are. Bamboletta consists of me Christina, John (husband) who works full time somewhere else, but still manages to make all the doll heads! The 10 Sewing Mamas who assemble and put the dolls together, my Nonna (along with Grandma Rita) who knit those little sweaters and Brandi, Rachel, Shauna and Thamar who work at the Bamboletta Studio with me. We recently moved out of our house and into our own space so that we can stretch out a bit!

We can only make a limited amount of dolls per week under our current situation and I don't think I want to change and get much 'bigger' than this. I think part of the magic of the dolls is how much time and attention each doll gets it's an awesome process to be a part of. I don't want to lose the connection I have with my customers either I love knowing where all the dolls go and how they are received. John and I are also the parents of 2 small boys and ,although they will always remember mama with a doll in one hand and needle and thread in the other, we don't want to make that jump that would require more time apart from them. Bamboletta will grow organically, as it has been for the past years - I firmly trust in this process. I am proud of what we've accomplished and what we are doing and I want to stay true to what I believe in . I understand the frustration that there is out there about not being able to get a doll , but, this is how it is - this is what we do and we are doing the best we possibly can.

Thanks so much to all of you customers and friends new and old!


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Then there is my cotton knit for the �skin� that I import in from the Netherlands, all my quilting fabrics for the clothing, and then the hair. It�s also sometimes said by a person at a craft fair to their friend while looking at the dolls, usually loud enough for me to hear it. Keep in mind that these times are fast, I don�t want any beginning dollmaker thinking �Jeesh � it takes me 20 hours.


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The first thing you may notice on our site is that the dolls are usually all sold - this is because we put them up at certain times and they usually sell pretty fast. We are a small company that operates out of a studio on the westcoast of BC in Canada. We lovingly handcraft a limited amount of dolls per month. Christina, John and all the sewing mama's.


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Here we lovingly handcraft a limited amount of one of a kind dolls using natural materials. We are a small company operating out of the westcoast of Canada. John and the rest of the Mamas at Bamboletta.