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By: Nw Sourcing  09-12-2011

NW-SS Global Sourcing Program - International Approach to Sourcing

NW-SS has a network of suppliers across Asia, Europe, Canada, and the USA. This allows our clients to take advantage of high quality, cost effective overseas component or material sourcing. In certain cases, we can also use this offshore factory network to reduce the manufacturing cost of existing products.

NW-SS becomes the vendor, and supplies the needed product directly to the client.  The basis of this model is very simple ? understand what items the client is currently purchasing, source the item from an overseas or domestic supplier, then sell the item directly to the client at a lower price. 

NW-SS utilizes its current logistics infrastructure to import the items at a lower cost.  NW-SS can utilize existing container space to transport Global Sourcing items, which makes it economical for our retail customers to globally source items in smaller quantities.  Many indirect purchasing agents face barriers for purchasing items internationally, as they can not physically handle the goods. 

NW-SS sourcing program removes these barriers for clients, as NW-SS assumes the risk, and affords clients an opportunity to gain the cost advantages of Global Sourcing, with the hometown customer service of a domestic supplier.  Clients include both large and small companies, as well as individual small-business owners looking to gain a competitive advantage as they are growing their business.

Sectors of Expertise - Some Examples

The following are just a few examples of our area of expertise. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of our capabilities, but only a small sampling.

Hi-Tech and Electronic Components & Computer Parts

Have you ever thrown out a very expensive process control panel network or a computer, because you could not find a critical replacement part? Was it really obsolete, or was it just planned-obsolescence on the part of the manufacturer? Was it really necessary to throw out the whole thing, and suffer downtime?

We are experienced in sourcing obsolete and hard-to-find Electronic and Computer components to repair your existing equipment and infrastructure. This allows you to defer costs of upgrading, and prolongs the life of your system. More importantly, it can save you precious downtime.

Material Sourcing - Raw and Secondary Materials

It is often faster and cheaper to obtain the compounds you need from existing commercial sources. However, finding suitable suppliers, ensuring their reliability, verifying quality, and evaluating and negotiating prices needs special skills.

With connections to an international network of suppliers and importers, we can efficiently access global markets to obtain key materials that can make the difference to your production. Our sourcing services include:
- Identifying reliable suppliers
- Verifying product availability and quality
- Negotiating price and monitor orders
- Ensuring safe delivery of materials to the end-users
- Addressing the long-term material supply needs
- Establishing a secure supply chain with favourable cost

We are experienced in global direct material sourcing and sourcing/supply chain management. We bring significant expertise in commodity and other raw material sourcing.

Where you source your raw materials can be of critical importance. Materials are procured from reliable manufacturers which ensures their quality and durability. There may be many vendors, and your choice will depend upon the nature of your product, your business model, production volume, and your location. Materials are selected based on their characteristics and the purchasing requirements offered by vendors. Or, there may also currently be no vendors for your needed materials.  We can be of help in either situation to source the best materials for your application at the best price. 

Vendors' purchasing requirements include minimums, lead times, cost, delivery options, and return policies. The same materials could be available with different purchasing options that are more or less attractive to your business. Your choice of materials will be different based on the aesthetic and functional characteristics of your product, price point, expected sales volume, and business model.


Did you really get the best price on that last order of Lexan, when you could have just substituted a generic polycarbonate? We specialize in sourcing sheets, film, beads, and other forms of plastics. We can quote you one sheet, or on pallet quantities.

Machinery & Equipment

We source machines for various industrial and domestic needs like Line Production Machines, Construction Machinery, Industrial Process Equipment, etc., to our esteemed clients.  We procure from leading manufacturers which ensures excellent quality and long lasting usage.

Logistics Management

Once the product is manufactured and ready for shipment, NW-SS performs and verifies all export logistics, including local documentation, customs, licensing and tariff requirements, in the most efficient and economical way possible to insure timely delivery.