Snow Plowing & Salting services

By: Get Wipeout  09-12-2011

The Lower mainland is expecting its worse snow fall in 50 years this winter. We have new Plows, Bobcats and Salters (and shovels)  to make sure your lots or drives ways are clear of snow, so you customers can walk and drive safe. We are now taking bookings for this up coming season and it is a first come first service booking. During this winter season we will be working 24/7 to insure we have met all of our customers needs.

Our rates are competitive and we also carry a 5 million liability coverage to get the job done safe and right.  Book now before the rush, so your Property can be cleared of snow and salted first!

We can push the snow to a safe and unused area of your wish or we can remove it from your property at an extra cost.

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We are now taking deposits for guaranteed snow removal & salting services. Use the BUY NOW button to make a $75 deposit to guarantee your snow removal services. All deposits will be applied as a credit towards your first invoice.
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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General Cleanup Tips

Molds can be found almost anywhere; they can grow on virtually any surface, providing moisture is present,” according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. If you do this you will prevent ice to build up on top of the dirt and grease and allow the salt to penetrate quicker and easier. Before you choose a professional for your power washing needs, make sure that your cleaning expert has a good reputation.



Power Washing concrete, paving and paths to removing moss, dirt and grime. Power Washing Waste bins, paladins, waste compactors, bin storage areas. Supply and application of anti-graffiti coating. Power Washing stairways, landings and balconies. Special equipment for refuse chute cleaning. Corporate and privet Office work places.


Driveway & Patios

The meteorologistsay that this winter may have the worse impact in 50 years to the west coat due to two different weather patterns colliding at the same time. With the winter season just around the corner for us here on the west coast, the snow can be a little heavy.


Decks & Fences

After a few years of wear you may start to notice mildew or mold buildup on your fence or deck. Even without this buildup, your wood deck.