Shoden: First Degree Reiki class, contact us for date of next class

By: Teate Holistic Therapies  16-10-2013
Keywords: back pain, Pain Relief, neck pain

Within Shoden, first degree Reiki, you learn the essence of the method of Reiki: How it works, its benefits and why we need to practice on ourselves. Self-healing is the focus of Shoden. A wonderful by-product of this personal awareness is that you will also be able to help others. First degree Reiki is an amazing gift to oneself. Many people experience an increased spiritual awareness and a connection with their inner wisdom. You will be "attuned/empowered", a sacred ritual performed by the Reiki Master/Teacher, to open a channel for Reiki to flow into the student. Once empowered to first degree Reiki, you will be able to access the healing benefits of Reiki, and give yourself and others assistance in restoring balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Many people report a sense of well-being and peace after their first degree Reiki training. After completing first degree Reiki, you will feel competent in treating yourself, friends and family. For those interested in working on a deeper and more professional level, then Okuden: Reiki Second Degree, will be the next step for you.

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