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By: Fiosa  09-12-2011
Keywords: health and safety, Management Systems, Safety Management

The goal of the SYNERGY Program is to support effective, practical development and implementation of health and safety management systems within participating companies. It is one thing to understand the theory of safety management; it is another thing to implement an effective program. The SYNERGY Program incorporates Four Pillars: Training, Facilitated group networking, Safety advisory services, and an Online SYNERGY Forum to help ensure success.

Training workshops

The SYNERGY Program includes specific training in ten key elements of an effective safety management system for up to three representatives from your company. There will be an orientation session and five half-day training workshops per year on:

Management Leadership and Commitment
• Role of the Safety Committee
• Hazard ID and Control
• Industry Specific Programs
• Workplace Inspections
• Accident Investigations
• Injury Management / Return to Work
• Emergency Preparedness
• Training and Instruction
• H & S Program Administration

The industry-specific programs in meeting four will cover the following topics:

• Contractor safety management
• Mobile equipment safety
• Confined space entry
• Radiation
• Lockout/de-energization
• Hot work
• Fall protection
• Industrial process safety monitoring
• Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
• Hearing conservation
• Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI) prevention

Facilitated group networking

To help your company complete an implementation plan for each element particpants continue after the morning training workshop with networking and discussion sessions in the afternoon. Teleconferences will be scheduled as needed between meetings to provide updates, maintain momentum and address questions.

If you haven’t already registered we encourage you to read on to discover the many benefits for your company and the industry, and take part in this innovative new program!

Safety advisory services

The SYNERGY Program includes a free on-site assessment of potential gaps in your safety management system by one of our Safety Advisors. The purpose of the gap analysis is to identify which safety management system elements need further development. The Safety Advisors will also provide consulting resources as needed to support your company in the development of these elements.

Online SYNERGY Forum

The FIOSA - MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC has created an online forum for participants in the SYNERGY Program to network, raise questions and share ideas. The forum contains a library, a learning centre and a general discussion section for program participants.

Be an active member of this innovative program!

Keywords: health and safety, Health And Safety Management, Management Systems, Safety Management, Safety Management System

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The added bonus is that at the end of the 2 year Synergy cycle not only will an organization have a strong Occupational Health and Safety Management System it should be ready to pass the Certificate of Recognition audit and be eligibe to recieve up to 15% of their annual WorkSafeBC premiums.