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Occupational Health & Safety Resources and Services

The FIOSA - MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC provides advisory, training and consulting services. We also provide a forum for occupational health and safety issues from across the province of BC.

Certificate of Recognition Program COR

COR is an initiative that recognizes and rewards employers who develop and implement sustainable health and safety programs and systems that meet and exceed legal requirements by taking a best practices approach to implementing health, safety, and return-to-work (RTW) programs. The program promotes the concept of managing health and safety equally with other components necessary for a successful business, such as profitability and productivity.

Synergy Network Program

Synergy is an innovative way to develop and implement an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System over a 2 year structured period. Companies come together 5-6 times each year for a half-day of instruction on one element of occupational safety management followed by a half-day of structured networking where sharing organizational experiences assists participants in putting theory into practice.  Participants continue to be supported by a FIOSA - MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC safety advisor and can take part in scheduled teleconferences and use the online Synergy Forum as they continue working on implementing their health and safety program between meetings.

The added bonus is that at the end of the 2 year Synergy cycle not only will an organization have a strong Occupational Health and Safety Management System it should be ready to pass the Certificate of Recognition (COR) audit and be eligibe to recieve up to 15% of their annual WorkSafeBC premiums.

GAP Analysis

GAP Analysis is designed to identify gaps in your health and safety management system and it provides recommendationsfor improvement.

We’ve got the solution to take your Safety Management System to the next level. Ease the journey towards enhancing your safety performance by letting us identify opportunities for improvement.

Safety Performance On Track "SPOT"

This is a partnership initiative between your company and the FIOSA - MIOSA Safety Alliance of BCto get your SAFETY PERFORMANCE ON TARGET; to drive down your injury rate, achieve and sustain compliance and save you money. The FIOSA - MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC will provide your company with FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, and EASY TO UNDERSTAND health and safety guidance and support from our professional health and safety advisory team.

MSI Knowledgebase 

Musculoskeletal injuries (MSI’s) make up the largest percentage of injuries in the manufacturing. The MSI Knowledgebase is designed to assist the food processing industry by providing a point of reference for finding solutions to MSI challenges in the industry.  The database is a searchable collection of ideas that will help food processors reduce exposure to ergonomic risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs).

Source for Occupational Safety

As part of our commitment to supporting and promoting workplace health and safety, the FIOSA - MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC has developed this resource site to enable businesses in the food and beverage industry to achieve a more successful safety culture. Specifically, this site is designed to help users locate information, consultants, and service providers within the various specialized fields of occupational health and safety.

The FIOSA - MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC Safety Forum

Members can post or reply to other members health and safety questions.

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Other products and services from Fiosa


OHS Advisory

Lorne recognizes the challenges and hazards of small businesses as well as the sales and service end and would like to see all employers show up for the Small Employer Program Building Courses of which there are several throughout the province this year. Gosick brings 24 years of experience from the forestry sector (11 years in harvesting and 13 years in manufacturing) to his new role as safety advisor.


Gap Analysis

The FIOSA - MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC is committed to help employers in the food processing industry improve their health and safety performance and aims to achieve this by offering Gap Analysis and other support to its clients.


Welcome to SYNERGY Program

Management Leadership and Commitment• Role of the Safety Committee• Hazard ID and Control• Industry Specific Programs• Workplace Inspections• Accident Investigations• Injury Management / Return to Work• Emergency Preparedness• Training and Instruction• H & S Program Administration.


MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC and COR

Our services include health & safety training, advisory services, resource development, administering the COR program, developing and delivering occupational health and safety resources to the food manufacturing industry. The FIOSA - MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC is a not for profit organization of experienced health and safety professionals that are available to employers within the BC food processing and manufacturing industries.