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By: Dinga Bear  09-12-2011
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Organic Face Paints - $28.95 (6 pk) and $16.95 (3 pk)
Face painting is enjoyed by kids of all ages, some adults too! Now we can feel safe knowing our kids aren't slathering chemicals all over their faces with our Organic Face Paints made with a botanical infused water base, easy to use, and remove afterwards. Each colour comes in 0.35 oz /1 gr jar.
Basic Starter Kit: Our most popular kit, enough to paint 30 full faces. Includes: white, black, brick red, blue and yellow

Flowers & Fairies Kit: pink, purple and turquoise

Goblins & Animals Kit: orange,brown and green

Dinga Bear offers a one size fits all philosophy and our products are created to keep on fitting your child's needs as they grow. Raising children is tough enough, let us give you a little peace of mind in knowing that your child is being pampered with Dinga Bear Organic Skin Care.

All in 1 Balm - $12.95 (1 oz/30 ml)
This non-toxic, healing balm, specially designed for your baby's delicate skin, is enriched with the naturally healing and pain relieving qualities of pure organic Hemp Seed Oil and also contains organic medicinal herbs that will quickly bring welcome relief from diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites or any general first aid skin condition.

Herbal Body Powder - $12.95 (4 oz/120 ml)
Gentle, absorbent and aromatic.  Our herbal baby powder is talc-free. Studies have shown that talc can cause certain cancers. You can use our non-toxic baby powder with peace of mind and let the aroma therapy blend of pure essential oils soothe your mind. Use at diaper changes or during the summer months to keep your child's skin fresh and cool.

Soap Free Cleanser - $15.95 (4 oz/120 ml)
This soap-free cleanser is perfect for newborns or kids with sensitive skin. Made with organic oatmeal locally milled, t will protect and nourish your baby's delicate, newborn skin. You can also use this as a shampoo bar for super soft baby hair. No synthetic fragrances..just pure essential oils.

Face and Body Lotion - $18.95 (4 oz/120 ml)
Our Face and Body Lotion also makes an excellent massage oil for baby. Lightly scented with pure essential oils of vanilla and sweet orange that help to promote a soothing, calming atmosphere. This oils is also great for moisturizing mommy's baby bump, soothing cradle cap or as an after bath moisturizer.

Cheek & Lip Balm - $4.95 (0.4 oz/11 ml)
Why settle for one use when you can have two? Our Lip Balm is perfect for protecting your child's little pucker. Use on of their cheeks for those cold windy days or as an everyday product for those little lips.

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Keywords: Face Paints, Lip Balm, Oils, Organic Skin