Hubbard’s research : Refund and Reparation

By: Caroline Letkeman  09-12-2011

New Channels for Putting Dianetics Into Society
I’ve been working on the first in a series of new books. The book I’m working on currently would seem at first glance to be well off the beaten track of Dianetics. I am writing a basic manual of civil defense.I happened to take a look at the federal [..]

Electronics engineers are good men, but they have the frailty of falling into their own trap. They start to depend upon electronic flows. They start to depend upon pieces of brass and copper and glass in order to accomplish these things. And so when they-usually, when then they start to theorize, even as I did [..]

But if they press you—remember the old adding machine idea that appeared in Dianetics very early?1 For those of you that have forgotten it or need your memories refreshed, could I—could I just tell you that little one? The held-down five? Hm?
Audience: Yes.
All right. Now, it seems like up at Harvard University—they have a [..]

Now, nearly every one of us knows something about a case intellectually, that we’ve actually never seen in a case. We know something could be theoretically true about a case, or a certain combination of circumstances would be true about a case, but we’ve never just sat down and seen it right there – bang! [..]

The  scientific  method  which  is  used  today  was  discussed  with  the  engineers  at  Bell Laboratories – Ma Bell – at lunch hours, until they had finally decided what they were doing.  Here we let somebody decide what he was doing instead of deciding what was so. And we  found out that the scientific method, in [..]

The earliest stages of Dianetics (it might amuse you) came when a study of General Semantics indicated that there was some possibility that words themselves were very aberrative — just words. And the first effort of Dianetics, along the line of going back down the time track and so forth, was to clarify the definitions [..]

I know, it’s fashionable for the newspapers to say I never went to college, and there are several colleges at this particular time that are wishing that I hadn’t gone there. But I can also assure you that you give them another decade or so, those colleges I haven’t even done more than go to [..]

Now, you’re looking at – what I’ve been describing here – you’re looking at the reactive mind. You’re not just looking at something that’s vaguely like the reactive mind of the first book; you’re looking at the reactive mind. The first book1 could be said to be a  description of ridges2 and the behavior of [..]

In Dianetics we introduce infinity-valued logic1, and this is our second logical postulate. You have probably seen this before. It is in earlier notes and lectures. I will go over it very briefly in order to give you just a little review.
On one side we have right, on the other we have wrong. On each [..]

We  find  out  that  an  individual’s  concept  of his  space  regulates  his concept  of  density.  And  his  concept  of  density  would  be  his  degree  of aberration or his degree of freedom,  as the case may be. And we could just arbitrarily divide  up  the  arbitrary scale we  call the  Tone  Scale,  something like this. [See [..]

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Glossary : Refund and Reparation

Tree of Death: The averse Tree of Life with its tunnels of Set to which Daäth is the Gateway.Daäth is the gateway to the ‘other’ world – Universe ‘B’ — sentinelled by the Beast 666 hence its association with death as the formula of transition form the phenomenal world of appearance.


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