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By: Caroline Letkeman  09-12-2011
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More information has surfaced recently about Hubbard’s “Allied Scientists of the World” scam, which he ran in 1951-52. 1, 2
Between December 1945 and January 1946, Robert A. Heinlein exchanged letters with Dr. Francis M. Pottenger concerning a “project” called “The Federation of Atomic Scientists” and later the “Federation of American [..]

The Grand Opening of the Founding Church in the American Capital
IT’S A GIFT FROM THE IAS and bestowed on behalf of every member of the IAS. Of course, their contributions came with full knowledge of what this nation’s capital means to the world.” Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center
October 31, [..]

sKepptiksowat — April 16, 2010 — Dr. Stephen Wiseman is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia, and Consultant Psychiatrist at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC. For a number of years he has been researching Scientology, its inventor L. Ron Hubbard, [..]

The dream of Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Lao-tse, Buddha, Confucius, Christ, Mohammed and the other spiritual leaders of man throughout the ages is still with us. Peace, harmony, happiness, higher states of spiritual awareness are as desired by man today as they ever were. The wisdom of Scientology can be used by [..]

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The Golden Dawn
Official Publication of the Church of Scientology
A non-profit corporation incorporated in Arizona, New Jersey and California.
Copyright, 1954 by the Church of Scientology
Price 10¢ per copy
Issued by the authority of the Board of Trustees.
Editorial office 806 North Third Street, Phoenix, Arizona.
The use of materials and techniques of Scientology, the name Scientology, and the [..]

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Course I 1
The purpose of this experiment is to re-establish the ambition, willpower, desire to survive, the talent and confidence of myself.
To accomplish the above the following fears must be removed

See Gerry Armstrong’s Introduction to the Admissions ↩

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Keywords: Memorial Service, Technology Center

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Hubbard’s research : Refund and Reparation

The scientific method which is used today was discussed with the engineers at Bell Laboratories – Ma Bell – at lunch hours, until they had finally decided what they were doing. I know, it’s fashionable for the newspapers to say I never went to college, and there are several colleges at this particular time that are wishing that I hadn’t gone there.


Glossary : Refund and Reparation

Tree of Death: The averse Tree of Life with its tunnels of Set to which Daäth is the Gateway.Daäth is the gateway to the ‘other’ world – Universe ‘B’ — sentinelled by the Beast 666 hence its association with death as the formula of transition form the phenomenal world of appearance.


Source’s Apprentice : Refund and Reparation

Video: Memorial Service for L. Ron Hubbard Video: Getting your ducks in a pond Don Larson interview Article: The Grand Opening of the Founding Church in the American Capital Video: Ex-Scientologist John Duignan Interview. David Miscavige is the “Chairman of the Board” of “Religious Technology Center,” the top and controlling corporation in the Scientology organization Pyramid.