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By: Bruno's of Chilliwack  06-10-2010
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Waste Oil Fueled Furnaces (Oil Fired Central Furnaces)

INOV8 International furnaces come in three sizes, rated in BTUs of output: 120,000, 240,000 and 450,000. The INOV8 furnaces are designed to accommodate the easy removal of ash, are constructed of high temperature aluminized and stainless steels, have heavy duty motors to prevent overload conditions, and are finished with an industrial powder coat paint for good appearance and durability.

The entire system is engineered to ease service and maintenance and the instruction manual is written for the novice so that most users can provide their own maintenance. The burners come with an optional "perpetual warranty" that provides an annual swap of the module (that contains many of the components that are subject to failure). Furnaces include as standard many of the components needed for a complete installation: a barometric damper, a floating pick-up assembly, a filter and check value, hanging brackets, and a 120-volt wall thermostat.
Model F-125 - This 125,000 input unit heater is a perfect size for the small garage that has limited space and heating needs. This unit heater uses the B200 burner in an aluminized heat exchanger consuming .84 gallons per hour to heat about 2,500 square feet.
Model F-240 -  The most popular selling size is the model F240 furnace, which has an input of 240,000 BTU's and will heat a typical 5,000 square foot facility consuming 1.68 gallons of waste oil per hour. This furnace mounted on the bench tank is the most popular selling combination because of its efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance.
Model F-450 -  For businesses that have extraordinary heat needs and sufficient quantities of waste oil the F450 furnace is their answer. This unique design features a fire down configuration of the burner and all heat exchanger surfaces are vertical to prevent the build-up of ash. This extends the time between cleaning. The heat exchanger tubes are separated into heat zones allowing for independent expansion preventing stress fatigue on the steel. Like our other furnaces, it is fully cleanable and very energy efficient. In addition this furnace comes with a squirrel cage blower to allow ducting to distribute the hot air. The F450 will heat up to 10,000 square feet while burning 3.78 gallons per hour of waste oil.

Safe, Clean, Reliable:

Safe, clean and reliable guarantees your satisfaction with any of our products. The incomparable safety features combined with absolutely the cleanest emissions and nearly fail proof operation are the hallmark of INOV8's reputation. The ability to burn nearly any type of waste shop oil including crankcase oils, hydraulic or transmission, gear box, solvents, vegetable oil as well as fuel oil gives you the opportunity to save money in heating while eliminating disposal costs and EPA imposed cradle to grave liability.

When a business considers purchasing a new asset, their decision is often driven by the calculated return on investment (ROI). That basically means how long it takes for the investment to pay for itself. Our customers tell us they see such significant savings that they often cover the price of the INOV8 furnace, boiler or evaporator within the first year of operation. After that, it simply contributes to the bottom line every day it is used.

Keywords: Furnaces Multi Fuel, Furnaces Waste Oil,

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