How To Draw: Downloadable Workbook Teaches Anyone To Draw/Primary Edition $14.97

How To Draw: Downloadable Workbook Teaches Anyone To Draw/Primary Edition $14.97 from Anyone Can Draw : Learn How to Draw

By: Anyone Can Draw : Learn How to Draw  28-04-2010
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Introducing fun, easy-to-learn instruction workbooks for kids and for adults to quickly learn to draw!

As a teacher or parent, access a child's creativity in this step-by-step simple method of learning to draw using basic shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares.

The Primary edition workbook is for the beginner to learn basic shapes and line drawings.

These proven "learn to draw" methods will make artists out of anyone!

  • Primarily for Kindergarten to grade three
  • Very simple-to-learn instructions
  • For both adults and children
  • "No erase" steps in all drawings
  • My belief is that anyone can learn to draw, it just takes desire to do so and instruction. With this in mind I have created step-by-step instructions for drawing things we see around us using simple shapes. When working with students, I tell them that if they can draw circles, squares and triangles they can draw just about anything they can see. Almost every child that I have taught from kindergarten to grade twelve can draw these three shapes.
  • I am also aware that to some children an eraser symbolizes mistakes. My step-by-step drawing program is set up in such a way that the child will not have to erase any lines. What they draw stays as part of the final picture and erasing is not necessary.Success is a big part of my mission when it comes to drawing, and the methods that I use guarantee that even those who think they can't draw, can.

  • To order either the Primary or Intermediate hard copy instructional workbook for personal or professional use in a classroom, to make arrangements.

    Primary Workbook:
    $20 CDN each* (tax incl.)
    Intermediate Workbook:
    $35 CDN each* (tax incl.)
    Combination Package Savings:
    $50 CND* (tax incl.) for both workbooks

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