Interest Owners

By: Connoco Phillips  09-12-2011

ConocoPhillips values the company’s relationship with its oil and gas interest owners. The company’s dedicated Owner Relations Unit works to answer any questions about ownership interests in a prompt, informative and helpful manner.

This Web site provides access to a secure site for payment information and contains specific details regarding address changes, 1099 form information, questions and answers and contact information for the Owner Relations Unit.

*ConocoPhillips Company (“ConocoPhillips”) is acting as an agent on behalf of Burlington Resources Inc. (BR) and its subsidiaries effective January 2007 as it pertains to Oil and Gas royalty payments.

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Products and Services for Consumers

In addition to branded fuels, ConocoPhillips also offers consumers a variety of high-quality lubricants, including 76 Lubricants, Conoco Lubricants, Phillips 66 Lubricants, and Kendall Motor Oil. ConocoPhillips offers numerous products and services designed specifically for the consumer. The company markets fuels in the U.S. and Europe, primarily under the brands Phillips 66.


Products and Services for Businesses

The company’s fuels, lubricants, specialty products and chemicals support commercial, industrial and retail operations globally and allow businesses to focus on their core strengths. ConocoPhillips provides businesses worldwide with superior and reliable products and services.


Real Estate

This section provides specific information about real estate that is currently available, including location, price, features and contact information. These properties are available for lease or purchase, and may include office buildings or space, plants or land. ConocoPhillips owns numerous surplus real estate properties throughout the United States. Welcome to the ConocoPhillips Real Estate Site.


Vendor Relations

ConocoPhillips Vendor Relations places value on its relationship with its suppliers and other companies with whom we conduct business, and is committed to providing prompt, accurate service. The company’s strategy for the Procure-to-Pay Process is to automate, eliminate and streamline procedures to improve operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Products and Services

ConocoPhillips Pipe Line Company operates more than 11,000 miles of pipelines and more than 60 storage terminals in the United States and transports both raw and finished petroleum products. ConocoPhillips offers several products and services that provide businesses with high quality fuels, lubricants, chemicals, specialty products and other solutions.