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By: Casey Onyett  09-12-2011
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BodyTalk session - Casey is currently offering one on one healing treatments in his Castlegar Clinic. First a health history form is completed and goals for healing are understood. Then the session begins and your healing journey consists of uncovering and healing imbalances in your bodymind complex and experiencing magnificent changes in your subtle body energies; all on the comfort of a soft massage table.

Distant treatments – After a phone discussion, lie down in the comfort of your own home while the Body Talk healing session occurs. After the session is complete Casey will call to discuss the priorities your body revealed during the session. Read FAQ’s for more info on long distant healing.

Reiki – Drift away to another dimension through this powerful and relaxing way of channelling healing energy. Learn more about Reiki on the “about” page.


Prices By Donation – “In Vancouver I ran a successful clinic and charged $75 a treatment. My intention in offering my services to the Castlegar area is to be more of an approachable community based clinic helping clients at more affordable prices, putting great health in everyone’s reach. To make this possible I am offering a donation system, giving everyone the opportunity for healing, no-matter where you are in life currently.” Casey Onyett

BodyTalk and Reiki

Suggested Donation - $40-$75
Minimum donation - $30
Treatments are 45 minutes in length
Call now for your free phone consultation.

Other Services

BreakThrough Session - Transforming reactionary living into conscious living

The premise of BreakThrough is that, as individuals, we are all responsible for our own experience of life. In order to embrace this responsibility we need to focus on the ‘inside job,’ which is thwarted by the belief that others are the cause, and to blame, for our problems.

The 7 Steps process of BreakThrough provides a medium for getting in touch with the deep-seated, limiting beliefs we unconsciously adopt in childhood. These beliefs are the ones that are catalyzed each time we over-react to situations in life. What we learn from this is that others catalyze, rather than cause, the pain inherent in these beliefs. In this way others offer us the opportunity of getting in touch with, and gaining perspective on, the mental rigidities that control us and keep us in victim- and blame-consciousness.

BreakThrough consultation - $100
Not subject to donation

Djembe Lessons – For one on one djembe lessons or group lessons please contact Casey to set up an appointment

One on One - $20
Drum Rental - $5
Group Lessons - Negotiable

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