Styro Boxes

By: Noboco  09-12-2011
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Please take a look at the for the Styro Boxes®.

To complement our Styro Boxes®  the following products are available from Noboco:

  • Aqua-Pads are absorbent pads that completely absorb up to 4 liters (1 gallon) of fluids and will not release the fluids when picked up.

  • Aqua-Liners are polyethylene bags sized to fit all Styro Boxes®.

  • Corrugated Outers are one piece folding design that require no stapling and meet airline requirements. They are designed to fit our Styro Boxes®  and can be printed with your artwork.

Customer Testimonials

"I t is critical to our business that our guests' fish make it home in the best possible condition. In the six years that we have used Aqua-Pak styro boxes, we have sent fresh and frozen fish to every continent in the world. Our guests are consistently pleased with the results and so are we. Aqua-Pak has made every effort to work with their box designs to fit as many of our needs as possible. And .. the advertising value of these boxes keeps on working for us after they have reached their destination. This is a great product!"

"F ish are important to our guests and they know we're serious about taking good care of them when we pack their fish in Aqua-Pak fish boxes for their journey home. It's been an important part of our first class treatment of our guests and their fish since 1988. Aqua-Pak's system keeps the fish cold and fresh, and gives us great advertising to boot! We highly recommend Aqua-Pak's products and services."

Keywords: Fish