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By: Ipc Paint  09-12-2011
Keywords: Paint, pressure cleaning, surface preparation

Pressure cleaning is a simple process that can be used for a variety of different applications:
Cleaning your driveway
Cleaning your vinyl siding and gutters
Pre-paint surface preparation (removal of flaking rust, dirt or flaking and failed paint)

The following are some uses of pressure cleaning common surfaces:

Preparation of wood surfaces for painting, pressure cleaning all foreign matter from the surface including mould, mildew, and any flaking or failed paint.
Removal of unsightly algae that will usually form a ‘green film’ on the North or West side of your home or building.
Chemical cleaning of cement or block to remove chalky residue (minerals)
Removal of peeling paint, mould and mildew from cinder block to improve adhesion of all subsequent top coats (this applies to all applications)
Concrete floors to prepare for a acid etch before application. The acid will open the pores of the concrete to allow paint to adhere.

Pressure washing is a must if you desire IPC's warrantee and a high quality and long lasting paint job. Even surfaces that appear clean, to your eye, will have a film of dust upon it. This dust must be removed before applying a coat of paint or primer.

Let me ask you this as an example…

Have you ever tried to stick tape on a wood floor or car finish when it's dusty or covered in pollen…? Try it! "The tape will not stick" the dust & pollen act as a barrier and the tape will not adhere properly. The same holds true for paint. It will not adhere properly and in most cases will eventually fail. We highly recommend a thorough pressure cleaning to all our clients. It will cost you a fraction of what it will cost a year later to remove the peeling paint.

Keywords: Paint, pressure cleaning, surface preparation

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