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All products are individually priced

  • The tables below will give you an idea of price ranges by size and product line
  • Prices for odd shaped, old and rare books will be higher than those listed below
$10 to $20 USD $15 to $25 USD $20 to $35 USD $30 to $45 USD $40 to $60 USD
$15 to $25 USD $20 to $35 USD $30 to $45 USD $40 to $60 USD $45 to $100 USD
$22 to $28 USD $27 to $33 USD $33 to $40 USD

Price is determined by a combination of:

  • Size or volume of the books used to make the box
  • Shape of books used (very thick or thin books are harder to work with)
  • Condition (new looking is more valuable than worn and tired)
  • Age of books used (antiques are more valuable than modern books)
  • Complexity of the product (relating to the time required to create the product)
  • Rareness of title (how readily it can be replaced)

Free Shipping!

  • Free shipping for orders over $85.
  • Limited to Canada and lower 48 States
  • Ground service (5 to 12 business days)
  • All products are elligible

Volume discounts are available to everyone

  • In addition to free shipping we offer price discounts
  • Shipping discounts are based on the number of regularily prices items purchased
  • The more (regularly priced) Bookboxes that you purchase at one time, the more you save
  • Shipping discounts are automatically applied to all orders during checkout (the savings will appear in red)
  • It is not necessary to request discounts
1 to 50%
6 to 95%
10 to 1910%
20 to 2915%
  • Discounts are applied to regularly priced products only
  • Sale items and 'case-lots or discount packs' do not contribute to piece counts for purposes of calculating discounts

Sale Items

  • Sale items change regularly
  • Because sale items are already reduced in price (discounted) their shipping discount is not calculated at time of checkout
  • Sale items do not contribute to 'piece counts' for purposes of determining shipping discounts on regularly priced items

Case Lots / Discount Packs

  • Case lots are pre-packaged collections of Bookboxes with exceptional discounts built into the price
  • They are the perfect choice if you have a big family or lots of friends
  • Because case-lots are already reduced in price (discounted) their shipping discount is not calculated at time of checkout
  • Case-lots do not contribute to 'piece counts' for purposes of determining shipping discounts on regularly priced items


  • We are a Canadian company with offices in British Columbia
  • GST is charged on all shipments to Canadian customers
  • There are no other taxes charged

Currency of Billing

  • We are a Canadian company
  • Charges are processed in Canadian dollars and converted to your local currency by your credit card company
  • Because of the currency conversion, there may be a tiny discrepancy between the invoice amount and what appears on your credit card statement
  • We apologize for any confusion this may cause

Shipping Costs

  • Shipping charges are based on cost recovery, no more
  • Shipping costs are determined by the method (air or ground), speed (slow boat or four day), and weight of product
  • During the checkout process you will be offered a variety of shipping options

Shipping Times

  • All shipments originate from Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • Being on an island adds at least one day to normal shipping times
  • We are unable to deliver overnight or within 24 hours. Sad, but true.

Shipping Weight

  • Weights quoted in product descriptions include an allowance for packaging
  • Actual product weight may vary

Shipping Restrictions

  • We are not able to process online payments for shipments to all countries
  • Countries for which online payment processing is available are: US, Canada, .....

Rush Orders

  • The best we can do is four day shipping within North America - and it is expensive.
  • Because of operating from an island, even four day shipments are often late


  • Book boxes are a product of recycling and, as far as we are aware, are not charged duty by any country


  • We will never knowingly surprise you with brokerage fees of any kind
  • However, brokerage fees may be charged to you directly by courier companies
  • We never use UPS because of their brokerage fees
  • If we are aware of brokerage fees being charged by your courier of choice, we will will inform you before shipping


  • Any regular purchase can be returned within 14 days of receipt
  • All returned items must be in their original condition
  • Refunds are based on the purchase price less a 15% restocking charge
  • Shipping charges are not refunded

Custom-Made and Special Request Returns

  • Custom-made and special request orders can not be returned

Return Shipping Restrictions

  • Please notify us before returning products
  • All returns MUST BE shipped by postal service
  • Courier shipments will be refused because of brokerage fees
  • Be sure to enclose the information needed to identify your package (original invoice)


  • We guarantee the highest quality hollow book product on the market
  • Every book safe that we make is quality controlled at least two times
  • If you are not happy with one of our products they can be returned without questions
  • The only time there have been returns is when customers were surprized to receive a 'used' rather than a pristine new book
  • Please be warned - our products are truly recycled!


  • No guarantee is provided regarding the life span of a BookBox
  • Please remember that BookBoxes are just paper held together by glue
  • BookBoxes are fragile and completely unsuitable for outdoor use (which comes a big surprise to some people)

Damage on Delivery

  • If a product arrives damaged, please help us to find out why by immediately contacting us and the courier company that delivered it
  • We will try to recover the cost of the damaged goods from courier companies and may need your help
  • Products that arrive damaged will be replaced
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