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By: Adventure Hobby Craft  09-12-2011

"When it comes to hobby and craft supplies we have something for everyone!"


Model Cars - Model Airplanes - Model Trucks - Model Boats - Model Motorcycles - Model Helicopters - Model Semi's - Model Figures - Model Tanks -

Model You Name It We've Got It!

If modeling is your passion you're in the right place. Whether you want to build the best out of the box or plan your own custom design, we have the models and model supplies for you. Whatever your interest we have hundreds of toy models to choose from - planes, cars, trucks, boats, military models and figures (OK, OK - some might call them toy soldiers) in wood, plastic or diecast.

Thinking about building a model?

Building model kits can be a hobby that gives you hours of entertainment. The end result lasts a long time, a good reminder of all the care and attention it took to build the model in the first place. If you plan to give kit building a try, then we recommend that you don't start out with models that are too ambitious. Choose a simple model of interest to you from one of our good plastic model manufacturers, one that you can build in a week or two (ask us, we can advise you). Assemble this model with as much care as you can and don't deviate far from the enclosed instructions. This will be invaluable to build up the basic skills needed in model building and to gain confidence to tackle the more complex projects.

Although we recommend that at this stage you stick to the model makers instructions we urge you to keep an eye out for modifications you might want to make to customize your next model.

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