Women Scarves and Shawls - black cashmere E the ultimate in sophisticated elegance

By: Womenclothingtoday  09-12-2011

Yet, why restrict yourself to a little black dress paired with matching stockings and shoes? A black cashmere scarf goes perfectly with stylish pant or skirt suit. You can even pair it with faded blue jeans topped by a strappy T-shirt. In doing so, you are raising your own fashion bar. Little is in doubt here. Wherever you wear a black cashmere scarf – to the park for a stroll, to work or even shopping, you will be noted as a lady of sophistication and distinction.

Over the centuries, cashmere has gained a reputation for luxury and an ultra soft texture. It feels so good against the skin while appearing amazingly beautiful to the eye. Yet, while light in weight, this fabric is no lightweight when it comes to keeping you warm. Cashmere wool is not only quality, it is also strong and a perfect defense against the cold. It comes, after all, from hardy mountain goats. They thrive in the harshest of winter climates without freezing, because of this exquisite wool. It protects their hides and can do so yours – in a more graceful and elegant fashion, of course.

No matter what occasion you are faced with, wearing a magnificent black cashmere scarf will help you get through it. You will not merely survive you will also thrive as a picture of elegance and grace wrapped in the exquisite accessory that is a black cashmere scarf.


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