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By: Webtech Wireless  09-12-2011
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Quadrant provides users with GPS-based location information in real-time for efficient fleet management. A wide range of fleet management features are available, including:

  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Mapping and Reporting
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Driver Status
  • In-Vehicle Telemetry
  • Two-way Messaging

Offered on a scalable platform, Quadrant brings together every piece of critical fleet data and delivers it to back-office applications enabling fleet managers to make better informed decisions and unifying mobile workforces to improve business processes and increase efficiencies.Quite simply, Quadrant makes it easier and faster for you to enjoy the benefits of GPS vehicle and mobile resource tracking and telematics.

  • Full mapping interface to various applications including MapPoint and Google Maps
  • Real-time display of vehicle position, speed and direction enables Dispatchers to pinpoint customer locations on a map and locate the nearest vehicle
  • Comprehensive reports providing relevant vehicle, driver  and routing information
  • Provide automatic access to all fleet location and vehicle usage data to increase productivity and efficiency. Reports include Activity, Driver Status, Landmark, Geofence, Vehicle Status, Vehicle Maintenance, Telemetry, Exception, Speeding, and many more
  • Real-time notification alerts when events have been triggered (e.g. Geofence crossing, after-hours usage)
  • Enhance driver safety and secure vehicle assets with authorization features and alerts
  • Extensive Geofence feature set

  • Know where your vehicle is at all times, increase the security of your assets by generating alerts once a vehicle crosses a user-defined Geofence
  • Unlimited number of Landmarks
  • Analyze trip duration and stop times to optimize business practices that range from more efficient routing to more accurate customer billing
  • Multiple Telemetry inputs and outputs
  • Greater insight to work completed, and increase safety and security for mobile resources and assets with remote monitoring and control of vehicles
  • Vehicle integrated Electronic Driver Log (Hours of Service)
  • Save time and money with automatic driver log reporting that meets both Canadian and USA Government regulations
  • Vehicle Diagnostic interface (J1708 Engine Interface, OBDII Gateway)
  • Monitor vehicle performance and lower maintenance costs by identifying problems before they become major repair bills
  • Vehicle Maintenance Center
  • Improve lifespan of assets and lower repair costs by creating automatic maintenance schedules and alerts for upcoming inspections, engine oil changes, insurance renewals, etc.
  • Increase driver safety and streamline communications between the driver and dispatch operations with in-cab two-way messaging.

Powering Quadrant, is the WebTech Locator Series, a feature-rich GPS device. The small and discrete tracking device is installed in a vehicle or mobile asset and provides the critical field data required to improve your operations. Vehicle data gathered by the WebTech Locator is transmitted to Quadrant, our sophisticated Internet-based tracking and reporting software. Fleet Managers can access critical information from Quadrant over any Internet connected computer. Empower your organization with the information needed to realize significant return of investment through increased driver productivity and reduced operating expenses.

Some of the reports available:

Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Reports:

Ignition Report

  • Displays ignition on and off events as well as the full duration of vehicle stop
  • Provides a mechanism for determining excessive vehicle idling

Speeding Report

  • Compares all records to a speed value chosen at time of running the report
  • Shows the speeding location, date and time, direction of the vehicle, and reason the record was transmitted

Speeding Duration Report

  • Displays the length of time a vehicle was driving over its assigned speeding threshold
  • Highlights the speeding location, start time, end time, duration, maximum speed, and distance driven

Vehicle Perfomance Report

  • Displays data collected by vehicle diagnostics data, including distance traveled, fuel usage, brake count, sharp acceleration, average speed, idling times, and the number of engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) present. There are specific reports available for OBDII Gateway, J1939, J1708, and J1708 monitoring.

Vehicle Scorecard

  • Displays driving parameters including distance and brake count, average, maximum and excess speeds, and engine, moving and idle times. This report provides valuable information used to improve overall driving habits, which in turn translated into reduced costs and improved safety.

Fleet Scheduling and Utilization Reports

Activity Report

  • Provides a detailed view of all vehicle activities (time/date, address, city/state, speed, direction, distance traveled, travel and stop times,  GPS Fix status, and reason the record was transmitted (Stop, Ignition on, Time, Geofence crossing, etc.).

Activity Summary Report

  • Provides a complete summary of activities on a per vehicle basis

Travel Report

  • Provides a list of all stops and transit information between stops
  • Shows stop information including stop number, arrival time and length of stop, stop address and Landmark name

Stop Report

  • Monitors the location and duration of your vehicles' stops

Geofence Summary Report

  • A Geofence is a user-defined boundary that generates records upon vehicle entry and exit
  • Used to monitor how long a particular job takes to complete and is valuable for  timed deliveries and accurate billing

Landmark In/Out Report

  • Shows Landmark name, how long the vehicle stayed on site, and the arrival and departure times

Landmark Route Report

  • Shows times a vehicle arrives, exits, how long it stayed on site, how long it takes to travel between Landmarks, and distance traveled between Landmarks

Exception Reports

  • Report on selected events for a given vehicle or set of vehicles during a selected period:
    • Speeding
    • Long Travel Stops
    • After Hours Usage
    • Custom Notifications
    • Geofence Crossings

Telemetry Reports

Telemetry Report

  • Report on Telemetry events for a given vehicle or set of vehicles during a selected period. 
  • Shows date/time, address and reason for the Telemetry event

Telemetry Summary Report

  • Shows date and time the telemetry event happened, the duration, the travel and stop time, and distance the vehicle traveled while the telemetry event was activated

Timesheet Reports

Timesheet Report

  • View timesheets by vehicle and gain insight into the start and end of a workday
  • Determine total distance, work time, travel time, stop time, number of stops, maximum speed, and average speed

System Analysis Reports

Data Usage Report

  • Displays the volume of data that has been wirelessly transferred to and from the WebTech Locator

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