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By: Webtech Wireless  09-12-2011
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InterFleet is an advanced fleet management solution that provides real-time and historical vehicle location and telematic data, as well as as live dispatch map displays for the public sector market, including public works, waste services, emergency services, and public safety. Today, InterFleet provides and manages GPS/ AVL tracking systems for over 350 state and local government clients across North America with over 35,000 units in the field.

InterFleet features include:

  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Real-time mapping and route display
  • Tracks (breadcrumb trail as vehicle travels across the screen)
  • Geofencing and landmarks
  • Query playback
  • Multitude of third party and sensory integrations (i.e. PTO's, sweepers, arm up/down)

Flexible and adaptable, InterFleet is a readily customizable end-to-end offering. With its ability to integrate to a wealth of machine-to-machine interfaces and legacy software, and for customers to modify any or all of the core system components, InterFleet meets the various needs of different public sector fleets. 

  • Live dispatch map display for all vehicles in service
  • View your fleet's location, speed,and direction in real time, optimize routes, and dispatch the nearest vehicle to a specific location
  • Permanent history of vehicle activity
  • Indefinately store all incoming data for historical purposes
  • A broad variety of machine-to-machine integrations (spreader controllers, line-painters, friction sensors, temperature sensors, passenger counters and more)
  • Increase fleet and operations efficiency, reduce fuel, salt, and liquid anti-ice material consumption, and provide accountability of services to the public 
  • An extensive array of sensor integrations (PTO's, sirens, plows, remote panic buttons)
  • Enhance driver security and secure vehicle assets 
  • XML feeds to and from legacy applications
  • Seamlessly integrate InterFleet to legacy applications
  • Custom application development
  • Address specific business challenges with the design and development of custom solutions 
  • Use of client's maps where available
  • Leverage your map data, address layers, and route data, if available
  • Wide range of off-the-shelf and custom management reports
  • Improve productivity and make better informed decisions with critical insight to an in-depth suite of reports 

A feature-rich in-vehicle device, mobile data unit (MDU), is installed in a vehicle or mobile asset and provides all the critical location and telematic field data you need to improve your operations. Report frequency can be as often as every 3, 5, 10 seconds, or configured for one 1, 2, 3, and 15 minute updates. The vehicle data gathered by the MDU is transmitted to InterFleet, our GPS vehicle tracking and telematics solution, and fleet managers can view comprehensive real-time and historical reports, as well as a live dispatch map, for efficient fleet management. 

InterFleet also interfaces to a wealth of external discreet sensors that provide an up/down or on/off status. Fleet managers have the information they need at their fingertips to make better informed decisions to increase business processes and efficiencies.

InterFleet provides many comprehensive reports with accurate vehicle location and usage information.  Reports are available to schedule automatically as well as on-demand.

Some of the reports available:

Activity Summary Report

  • Provides you with a brief summary as to the vehicles activity within selected date and time parameters. It will summarize the selected vehicles' travel time, stop time, idle time, net idle time, distance traveled, max speed, and number of stops within the given timeframe.

Stop Report

  • The Vehicle Stop Report denotes a vehicle's stop throughout the day. Time and distance traveled between is reported, as well as the duration of hte stop and the duration the vehicle idled during that stop. A geographic representation of the stop information is also provided with the Map It feature. 

Vehicle Status Report

  • The Vehicle Status Report displays vehicle ID, status (moving or stopped), time and location of last fix information.

Speed Exception Report

  • This report captures vehicles exceeding a specific threshold value, set by the customers. There is also a Speed Exception Road Class Report that is based on posted speed limits.

Zone Exception Report

  • This report will notify management staff when vehicles enter or leave specified landmarked locations or boundaries.

Over Mileage Report

  • Over Mileage report alerts management on occassions when vehicles go over a predetermined mileage threshold.

Sweeper Operations Report

  • This is a sensor based report and it captures the status and operational time and distance of all sweeper inputs.

Winter Operations Report

  • This is a sensor and controller based report which combines all of the GPS data collected with the information from your Spreader Controllers.

Patrolling Frequency Report

  • Fleet managers can view the number of times a vehicle patrols a route, detailed with address ranges.

Road Maintenance Report

  • This report requires an in-vehicle mobile data terminal (MDT) device that is pre-configured with a list of deficiencies and features. As a patrol vehicle passes a deficiency, the driver selects it from a list on the MDT and automatically creates a GPS time and

Keywords: Automatic Vehicle Location, Fleet Management, Fleet Managers, Telematics, vehicle, Vehicle Location

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