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By: Wah Loong Enterprises  09-12-2011
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Why choose our artistic fences?

Our fence products are cost-effective, environment friendly and permanent once they are installed. The products feature elegance, multicolor and strong decorative effect. Made of reinforced concrete, our artistic fences have better rigidity and are more able to resist impact damage than most fences made of iron, stone, plastic, stainless steel or wood.

Our artistic fences will play an important role in upgrading urban fences, improving traditional fences and creating a beautiful city landscape. With their values shown in the area of economy, environment protection and esthetics, our artistic fence products will greatly improve your life and will sure start a fence revolution in North America.

In recent years, we noticed that enclosures used in cities are not well in line with the architecture of cities. People still use traditional enclosures such as iron enclosures, stone enclosures, plastic enclosures, stainless steel enclosures and wooden enclosures. At that time, these types of enclosures might have been a good option, but now they look old-fashioned and do not fit in with the city view. Each of these enclosures has its own disadvantages and limitations. For example, iron enclosures can rust easily with time and would result in maintaining cost going up with rust removal; Stainless steel enclosures can easily get bent when the sheets are thin and can also create a new source of glare and light pollution; Stone enclosures are usually made manually and require sophisticated technology, which would result in high production cost and make it impossible to repair in case of damage; Plastic enclosures are easy to damage with weathering; Wooden enclosures are high in cost and not beautiful in appearance, easy to get rotten with time and more importantly, would use large a quantity of wood that may damage the environment and contradict the universal call of environmental protection. Taking all these disadvantages into consideration, these types of enclosures shall be out of use by and by as they do not support the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection with urban development.

With this in mind and a prospective market vision, we conducted extensive research and developed this new type of Artistic Fences which integrates safety, environmental protection and practicability and is characteristic of fashion, novelty and being close to nature. On the basis of maintaining the advantages found in traditional enclosures, we put more artistic elements to our new artistic fences and use more environmentally favorable raw materials to produce cost effective, new styled and environment-friendly enclosures. Featuring the dignity and simplicity found in Chinese gardening and the fashionable European and American styles, this new type of artistic enclosure products look elegant and imposing, are various in color and style, and are more airy and decorative and more importantly, do not shield the view of the main structure. With reinforcing steel bars inside, these reinforced concrete products have better rigidity and are more able to fight strike and therefore are considered superior to iron enclosures, stone enclosures, plastic enclosures, stainless steel enclosures and wooden enclosures. Most importantly, they are cost effective, environmentally advantageous, fashionable, practicable and theft-protective. Resistant to acid, alkaline and aging, these products are designed to install permanently.

Architecture is concreted art and artistic fences, which serve as a foil and intensifier to architecture, shall become a beautiful line of a city landscape. They will find wide applications in houses, apartments, townhouses, playgrounds, transformer substations, parks, schools, government office buildings, churches, industry zones, river banks, docks, hospitals, kindergartens and etc.

We have patented the technology of reinforced concrete artistic enclosures and enclosures of imitation jade, imitation marble and imitation granite and the registered trade mark is “Hot Wheel”. Any imitation without permission shall be sued.

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Keywords: Artistic Fence, Artistic Fences, Enclosures, Environment Protection, Environmental Protection, Fence Products,

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