Location Audio Simplified by S. Dean Miles

By: Trew Audio  09-12-2011

Revised and updated version. Copyright 2010.

From the Author:
With this latest Revised & Updated version of Location Audio Simplified, I've added sections on:
  • How to set up and calibrate a Wireless Hop
  • How to set up and calibrate a Double System
  • How to have a positive impact on an Interview
  • How to set up and record with a Safety Track

I've cleaned out the dated stuff, updated camera set-ups and mixer functions, and added more photos. Location Audio Simplified - keep on learning!
S. Dean Miles

Written by a professional location sound mixer with many years of experience, Location Audio Simplified details everything from picking the right locations for good audio to the use of mixers, booming, mixing techniques, wireless systems and audio for camera set ups. Many books cover certain aspects of recording but it is rare to find one that really doesn't leave holes in the coverage. If you are interested in location audio as a career or just need to brush up on techniques, you will find this book extremely helpful. This book covers more ground on location audio than any that we have seen.

Recommended for sound pros from entry level to moderately experienced and for camcorder owners and operators who need a reference book for audio.

Spiral Bound. 234 pages


1. Introduction to Location Audio

  • Introduction
  • What is Location Audio
  • What Makes a Successful Operator
  • How to Use This Guide

2. Choosing and Preparing a Location

  • 5 Steps for Choosing a Location
  • Making a Location Move
  • Preparing a Location for Recording
  • How Much Ambience is Enough
  • Common Trouble Makers

3. Location Audio Field Mixer

  • Features of the Field Mixer
  • Power Switch and Batteries
  • Channel Fader, Channel Gain, Master Gain
  • Meters
  • Pre-Amp Attenuator (Pad)
  • High Pass Filter
  • Output Stage
  • Limiter
  • Channel Panning
  • XLR Channel Inputs
  • Microphone Power
  • Input Mode-Mic/Line Channel Switch
  • Monitor/Headphone Volume
  • Monitor Return
  • Monitor Select-Headphone Select
  • Slate Mic
  • Tone Oscillator
  • Initial Set-Up Procedure/Field Mixer
  • Recording a Safety Track
  • Strapping it All Together

4. Field Mixer Operating Techniques

  • Assigning/Panning
  • Dailing-In a Field Mixer
  • Roll Out the Critics
  • Monitoring
  • Content of Your Demise!
  • Second Set of Ears
  • What Does Good Audio Sound Like on Location
  • Room Tone is a Must!
  • Training Your Ears
  • Headphones
  • Field Mixer Adjustments During Recording
  • Operating Reminders and Tips
  • Shotgun Microphone Introduction
  • Sound Perspective
  • Sound Boundary
  • Powering a Shotgun Microphone
  • Axis and Lobeing

6. How to Boom

  • A Booming Introduction
  • Prepping and Wrapping the Boom Pole
  • Operating the Boom Pole
  • One Hand Booming
  • The Sweet Spot
  • Scooping
  • Choosing a Boom Pole
  • Booming Quick List
  • Lavaliere Basics
  • Applying a Lavaliere Microphone
  • Lavaliere Technique: Body Micing
  • Lavaliere Technique: Head Micing
  • Wireless Introduction
  • Wireless Basics
  • RF Signal
  • The Transmitter
  • The Wireless Receiver
  • Wireless Hop
  • Double System: Wireless Hop with Back-Up Recorder-Set-Up
  • Video Camera Introduction
  • Common Video Camera Functions
  • Camera Categories
  • Video Camera Set Up
  • Consumer and Professional Level
  • Labelling Video Tapes

10. The Interview

  • The Interview
  • Interview Process
  • Interview Quick List

11. Add-ons

  • Hand-Held Microphones
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Back-Up Recorder
  • Must Have Accessories


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