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By: Thorson Health  09-12-2011

Healthy Life » Dental Care

Over the years, several dental research studies have been carried out by various dental organizations to discover if there is a link between dental implant failure and smoking.  All of the studies conducted found that the chances of implant failure and complications increased significantly with patients which smoke. Although smokers are more likely to have a complication with a dental implant, the majority of complications do not lead to failure if remedial action if taken.

A study published in the British Dental Journal highlighted previous research by indicating that the risk of implant failure significantly in patients who smoke, whilst previous study conducted by a team of Researchers at the University of Murcia in Spain found that the failure rate for dental implants in smokers was almost 16% compared to 1.5% for non-smokers. The study took 5 years and involved 66 implant patients with an average of 2.5 implants per participant.

Smoking also has a negative effect on dental and oral health. While dentists are well aware of the general dental and oral problems which smoking can cause, the general public is largely not aware of the issue. Smoking has also been linked to increased chances of tooth loss, periodontal disease and oral cancer as well as a slower healing period for tooth extractions.

Opinion on this issue in the dental world is slightly divided, whilst it is widely accepted that there is a direct link, some dental surgeons are willing to treat patients who smoke whilst others refuse implant treatment for smokers.

In an ideal world, a dental implant patient should quit smoking altogether from a significant period before the date surgery; however, this is not always possible due to the inherent addictiveness of smoking.  Whilst it is best to give up smoking altogether, the risks for complications and failure can be significantly decreased if the patient refrains from smoking between 3 days before and two weeks after treatment. With the help of nicotine replacement therapy most smokers will find it possible to for this period, and some may even go on to give up all together.

Prospective patients who smoke should be informed by their dental surgeon of the increased levels of risk involved; and that restricting or minimizing smoking will decrease the risk of complications or failure of dental implants.

Whereas dentures prove to be problematical and have a lot of discomfort for the patient such as problems in chewing and requiring proper care and maintenance, there are no such problems with dental implants. They look like being a part of the person as the jawbone grows around these implants. Another benefit lies in the fact that adjacent healthy teeth are not affected in this treatment method.

In our modern society, if we people who have our eyes and the often the first impression, so the weather is relatively inexpensive and the people are, their teeth whitened services with a smile inviting white healthy.

Whether clients are facing perhaps work in a sales or employment in a company and are the responsibility of officials is no doubt that the whitest teeth, good health, success and a happy smile. Our teeth are in the course of time by the church windows, lot of different things, smoking, eating and drinking, and the result is a yellowish or brown in cases of fraud.

Sometimes we forget that teeth are, as always, detected the change tends to occur in a few years, which sometimes takes a trigger in the mind of wanting to change tooth color. Sometimes you can see, you’re a movie or TV show and see the stars brightly shining, white teeth, or perhaps an old friend you have not seen for some time, but something that is a trigger point that people are better about their teeth can and that’s when the teeth begin your journey of teeth whitening.

Sometimes as parents, we just love our children too much. We want they get the best thing in life in perfect ideas, includes the physical beauty and appearances. Most parents like to send their children into regular health check, sport class to shape the body and maintain the stamina, and some also like to ask their children to use brackets to reconstruct their teeth position.

Here, the orthodontics, cerate certain aligners with transparent color to strengthened teeth. This is removable tools so that you can put if off when you want to sleep or when you want to clean it. Not just for teenager, the aligners are also designed for adults. To make order and get clear images of this revolutionary aligner system, you can visit

Tooth whitening has developed more and more technologies and competition, no longer need multiple appointments with your dentist to get book on the teeth of a pearly white again. You now have the opportunity to achieve better results in the comfort of your home and save hundreds of dollars for use at home kit tooth whitening. These kits tooth whitening can be available online for many companies, which typically offer a free trial version, because they are so sure of the outcome of the product. When whitening kits home teeth are a good alternative to in-office bleaching, because both have the same effect and home kits, which can save ultimately 300-400 dollars. So if you discolored teeth that you should really consider your teeth when you go to your dentist or home bleaching kits will receive a big boost of confidence gained.

These whitening kits home teeth usually made of sticks and trays with peroxide bleaching bleaching special quantity consumed several layers of enamel. This is usually done by frost to the teeth over a period of weeks can be done 20 minutes per day, the gels are so powerful that they have significantly whiter teeth after 2 weeks. These whitening kits at home is not everything, like Crest Whitestrips and whitening products bought at your local pharmacy, these products have little peroxide, which have received proceeds more or less money. The AT-whitening teeth at home in the ascending line of packaging products and kits of 22% peroxide yellowing teeth white, are the products you want to get the real online business!

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