Burnaby & Vancouver eMatrix Treatment | Acne Scar Solution

By: The Heights Laser Centre  09-12-2011

Improve your skin by reducing your wrinkles, photodamage and acne scars with your Burnaby and Vancouver eMatrix™ treatment.

Sublative Rejuvenation, using eMatrix™, is a Health Canada and FDA approved non-surgical skin treatment. Sublative Rejuvenation with eMatrix™ laser is suitable for people of all skin types who want a safe," effective and non-invasive improvement of their skin colour, texture, tone and consistency.

How eMatrix™ Treatments Work

This treatment is effective for individuals who desire face lift results, without any surgical procedures and with minimal downtime. Sublative Rejuvenation is used to correct textural irregularities and signs of skin aging such as sun damage, acne scarring, wrinkle reduction, brown spots, stretch marks and other scars, with minimal side effects. Unlike many other wrinkle reduction and acne scarring treatments, eMatrix™ is safe and appropriate for all skin types.

To achieve optimal results, the eMatrix™ bipolar radio frequency waves penetrate deep below the skin without heating the top layer of the skin. With Sublative Rejuvenation, the injury produced by the eMatrix™ machine removes microscopic bits of skin beneath the skin surface, with minimal damage to the epidermis. Because these waves penetrate far deeper than other lasers, the skin can then produce the maximum amount of new collagen to fill out and reduce wrinkles, acne scarring or other textural issues quickly. The recovery time is short.

What to Expect with eMatrix™ Treatments

Each patient treatment protocol will be based on their individual needs, however it is usually recommended to start with a series of three treatments, performed at 3 - 4 weeks. The microscopic injury produced in the skin creates a sunburn-like redness, for 2 to 3 days, and most patients are back at work in a couple of days. Unlike other similar acne scarring and wrinkle type treatments, eMatrix™ causes minimal discomfort and the procedures are quick. Patients can expect to see results after the first treatment and it will continue with subsequent treatments as the collagen rebuilds. The best results are seen six months after the last treatment as all the new collagen has matured. All skin types can be safely treated with this technology.

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