SUTRON CORPORATION, SatLink2-1B, SL2, GOES Transmitter, 3 Year Warranty

By: Sutron  09-12-2011
Keywords: data collection

EASILY INTEGRATES INTO EXISTING SYSTEMS SL2 is also frequently integrated into existing networks to upgrade & expand system capabilities.

Sutron designs & manufactures our equipment & systems with commonality of components & uniform interfaces for modular, open, distributed system architecture providing excellent performance regardless of the number of sensors, field stations or base stations added.


Because SatLink2 communicates with all major weather satellites worldwide, it makes possible earth and ocean observation, data collection, and data exchange in real-time, without delays caused by national differences in software format, etc. Of course, global, real-time monitoring and modeling of weather and other environmental phenomena helps provide early warning of natural disasters such as the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean region.

SatLink2 is a stand-alone logger and transmitter. For many simple applications, SatLink2 handles all functions alone - measuring, logging, formatting and transmitting the data. The built-in SDI-12 interface gives SatLink2 the ability to make measurements for a wide range of sensors including water level, water quality, wind, and temperature. The built-in tipping bucket interface also allows you to measure precipitation without adding an expensive SDI interface. SatLink2 supports multiple measurement schedules to provide data any time it is needed. After making measurements, SatLink2 can perform simple scaling of the data and then log the data into its secure flash memory. The log in SatLink2 is capable of holding over 120,000 readings. If there is ever any problem retrieving the data through the satellite, the data can always be retrieved from the log memory.

As a stand-alone logger/transmitter, SatLink Logger supports both scheduled transmissions and Sutron’s popular adaptive random reporting transmissions. Scheduled transmissions can be configured for any satellite and the data can be formatted in SHEF or Pseudobinary formats. After each measurement is made, the data is tested and used to control random transmissions. Random transmissions can be configured to make frequent transmissions when data are changing rapidly or are in alarm conditions, and to make infrequent transmissions when the data are not in alarm.

SatLink2 can also be connected to a Sutron 9210 or Xpert Data Logger (and a wide variety of competitors' loggers). These data recorders can make their own measurements and format their own data for transmission. SatLink's Data Merge Mode then combines data SatLink collected from its sensors with data collected and formatted by other recorders for transmission.

Keywords: data collection

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