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By: Rightbrand Roofing  09-12-2011
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Your roof is your home's first defense against the elements.

You want a roof that will hold up to high winds and driving rains. That’s why we pride ourselves in using only quality materials and doing work that is above the average in craftsmanship.

Your roof is most likely a very visible aspect of your home's exterior.

Not only do you want a roof that is durable, but you want a roof that is visually aesthetic.

We pride ourselves in creating a final product that you can look at from the front sidewalk and be pleased with.

We help you to find the right looking shingle for your home.

The process begins with your request for a Free Roofing Estimate.

Unlike many other companies whom prefer to simply guess the elements and measurements from the ground or only take a perimeter measurement, we actually measure from atop the roof. That way we can factor in the details such as skylights, chimneys, venting options etc. As well as all visible elements for the estimate.

We can ensure you receive a fair and accurate quote this way and also provide a better estimation which encompasses the whole scope of the job and minimizing the possibility of having to make revisal’s. Before we create any proposals we first consult with you and factor in your preferences as well as address any concerns.

Our estimations are very detailed and all that is proposed is written down in point form. We go over each one of these points and ensure that each one is understood and agreeable. Any changes that need to be made are done. Samples of the materials are made available to you. As well as references from satisfied costumers. See our

When the crew arrives their first action is to lay down ground tarps and build protective covers to ensure your lawns, shrubs and garden beds are not burdened by the tear-off process.

The disposal bin usually arrives at the same time and is then situated in an area that is agreeable to everyone.

Now that all is ready the tear-off and shingling begins. Some roofs can be done in a day and others will take longer depending on the size and scope of the project.

At the end of each day ladders are taken down, tools and equipment are stowed and a good clean up is done. Large magnets on rollers are utilized to pick up nails from the yard and driveway.

Our Installation manager will inspect the work to ensure everything is of the highest quality and that all points in the agreement have been honored.

After all is done, we consult with you and make sure you are happy with the end product and that it complies with your expectations

Although almost every roof is different, our pricing isn’t. Our prices do not vary based on the affluence of the neighborhood. Whether you live in W.Vancouver or E.Vancouver, it is our philosophy that everyone should be treated equally and enjoy the same value for their dollar.

Keywords: roof