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By: Preston Phipps  09-12-2011

At Preston Phipps, our mission is to provide not only high-quality engineered products, but the services required to support them. With in-house repair capabilities and a team of full-time service personnel, we have been able to set ourselves apart from other distributors who lack a service vision.

Our service department offers customers with in-line service and maintenance on all our valve products. We also offer warranty service on certain makes. Our service professionals are highly experienced and take pride in solving even the most stubborn service problems.

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Preston Phipps - armserv

For any information regarding Armserv services, please contact Sylvain Lewis at 448-6231 or by e-mail at. Operating and maintenance associated risks can be transferred to Armserv. Engineering audit of steam distribution and condensate recovery systems. Step 4: Development and Implementation of Optimization Processes. Equipment restoration, replacement and installation. Step 2: Technical Design Development.


Preston Phipps - steam

Preston Phipps is the ultimate solution source for products, service and training for steam, liquid, air, humidification and refrigeration applications. Optimization and preventive maintenance programs for steam distribution and condensate return systems. A Passion for Innovation and the Experience to share it for a Green Environment.


Preston Phipps - valves

A group of recognized specialists in butterfly, ball and plug valves: Keystone, Neotecha, Vanessa, Hindle, Valvtron, Ultron, FluroSeal. Preston Phipps has offered a diverse assortment of Valves & Piping Accessories for a variety of industrial applications. Clean, abrasive or corrosive fluids.