By: Post Partum  09-12-2011
Keywords: Support Groups, Postpartum Depression, Reference Manual

Services overview

As a non-profit, charitable society, we offer a variety of free or low-cost programs. We offer a range of services, depending upon individual women's needs. These consist of:


Postpartum counsellors can offer you support, assessment, information and referrals, depending on your needs. We provide weekly follow-up calls for women experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety.


Our support groups, led by trained facilitators, provide a safe place for women to receive valuable information and emotional support from other women in a similar situation. We offer both day and evening groups, depending upon your location. At some locations, childcare options are available for women while they attend their support group.


A variety of information packages are available to individuals and professionals at no cost. A self-help guide published by the Society is also available for purchase. See

section for information on how to order. Our newest addition is "A Reference Manual for Telephone Support Volunteers". See page for ordering information.

Keywords: Postpartum Depression, Reference Manual, Support Groups